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Sabrah Light Tank

Elbit Systems unveilled the Sabrah Light Tank system in 2020, and the Sabrah was not in Elbit's online portfolio until recently. Elbit Systems’ “Sabrah” configurable light tank solution adds highly effective firepower to Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV’s). Based on the success of fully combat-proven armored vehicles and turrets in use by numerous armed forces around the world, the “Sabrah” series of solutions is the latest generation AFV system developed by Elbit Systems. The modular designen ables using the same 105mm turret for tracked or 8X8 wheeled platforms to deliver reliable, high-performance firepower to the battlefield. As the OEM of the light tank solution including the turret and other subsystems, Elbit Systems incorporates various advanced technologies that deliver high performance and an effective solution.

A worldwide leader in the area of land platforms, Elbit Systems’ solutions and systems are in use by the Israeli Army as well as numerous other armies (US, NATO and others) with thousands of systems deployed and successfully operated. The “Sabrah” light tank series is based on a tracked or wheeled platform, as part of Elbit Systems’ global cooperation with tier-one military platform manufacturers.

The Sabrah turret design benefits from the reference of Elbit Systems and the IDF “Merkava” Directorate “MANTAK” combat-proven Armored Vehicles. The turrets, Fire Control Systems(FCS), electro- optics and 105mm tank guns are in use by the IDF as well as numerous other armed forces around the world.

The 8x8 wheeled Pandur offers a unique solution of wheel suspensions characterized by robust chassis components, optimum riding comfort and minimum maintenance effort. Wheel contact with the terrain is comparable to caterpillar movement. All drivetrain parts are fully covered and protected by hull armor. This unique solution provides better protection and bigger ground clearance. The vehicle is fitted with an Automatic Drivetrain Management (ADM) system. With sensors that check the drive train automatically, the unit adjusts power for each axle and wheel according to road/terrain conditions, so the driver can fully concentrate on the tactical mission. This solution enables minimal requirements for driver training. The “Sabrah” offers superior riding performance, with maximum traction and reduced drive train stress/wear, fuel consumption and lifecycle cost.

The ASCOD tracked platform is a continuous evolution of the well-known and successful ASCOD concept, featuring sophisticated tracked systems and protection technology. Due to ongoing development and technology insertion, the ASCOD offers advanced protection and mobility, large internal volume at very compact dimensions, and a large payload at low GVW. The ASCOD is a seven wheel station chassis that incorporates the primary common subsystems of power pack, running gear and fuel, within a monocoque welded steel hull construction. The chassis provides the ASCOD with its mobility/mine protection characteristics and acts as the interface for all other primary subsystems. The power pack is located in the front, on the right hand side, in a chamber sealed off from the crew compartment.

The Philippine Army’s Light Tank Acquisition Project is providing the Army’s Armor Division with 44 wheeled and tracked light tanks. The light tank acquisition project is separate into two categories - tracked light tank and wheeled tank destroyer/fire support vehicle.

As part of Armed Forces of the Philippines Horizon 2 modernization, the Philippine Army has embarked the Light Tank Acquisition Project to provide a starting point for the Philippine Army's goal of re-establishing its lost armored or tank capabilities. The Philippine Army's Light Tank Acquisition Project was born after a long study and debate within the organization on whether to go for heavy main battle tanks whose combat weight is between 55 to 70 tons, or light and/or medium Tanks whose combat weight would be less than 42 tons. While plans to acquire main battle tanks remain, the Mechanized Infantry Division (MID) would like to learn first from operating modern light/medium tanks to determine if they're suitable to meet their current and future requirements.

According to information provided by MaxDefense Philippines on October 4, 2020, the Israeli company Elbit Systems offered its new Sabrah Light Tank, which are based on the GDELS ASCOD 2 tracked and Excalibur Army Pandur II wheeled armored vehicles for the Philippine Army's Light Tank Acquisition Project, which is in competition with Hanwha Systems K21-105 and Otokar Arma 105 light tanks, and Pindad Harimau Light Tank. Otokar was bidding for the wheeled component with Hanwha for the tracked component of the acquisition project.

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