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Peled Division

Named for Major General Elad Peled, this division originally consisted of two armored brigades that served in the Six Day War of 1967. One brigade was under the command of Colonel Uri Ram, while the other was lead by Colonel Moshe Bar-Kochva. Peled's Division consisted of three types of tanks, including the A41 Centurion, AMX-13, and Sherman, as well as an additional battalion of halftracks. During the Six Day War, Peled's Division operated in the West Bank under the Israeli Northern Command.

In the initial stages of the Six Day War, Peled's Division engaged Jordanian forces in the Dotan Valley area in an effort to protect the Ramat David airfield. Colonel Bar-Kochva's armored brigade led the attack and succeeded in pushing the Jordanian armored units back. By the end of the Six Day War, Major General Peled also controlled an infantry brigade and a paratrooper unit which he used to secure Israeli positions in the Golan Heights.

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