Ground Forces Order of Battle

OrBat Estimates

HQ Army, Ground Forces Command (MAZI) (Maj General)

HQ, MAZI- Camp Bar-Lev [between Ashekelon and Qiryat MalachI]

OC Paratroop and Infantry Corps (Brig General)

828 Brigade [School for Infantry Corps Professions & Squad


17 Bn

450 Bn [squad leaders course]

906 Bn [NAHAL squad leaders course]

Paratroop School- Tel Nof AB

Anti-tank Center (MARNAT)- Mitzpe Ramon AB

OC Armor Corps (Brig General)

Advanced Tank Leader courses- Shizafon

Tank Officers Course (KAKASH)

Tank Commanders Course (KAMAT)

Professional Instructors Course (Mikso'ot)

Armor School- Julis Army Base

OC Artillery Corps (Brig General)

Several independent artillery bns

Artillery School (BAHAD 9)- Shivta Army Base

OC Engineer Corps (Brig General)

Special Operations Engineering units Command (YAHALOM)

Sayeret Yael ("Ibex")[elite demolitions unit for long range

Special ops or CT missions]

Sayeret YACHSAP [special ops long range bomb disposal]

Unit SAMOOR ("Weasel")[search for and destroy underground tunnels]

ABC Bn ("Yanshuf"/"Owl")[equipped w/Fuchs NBC vehicles]

Combat Engineering School (BAHALTZ 14)

OC Field Intelligence Corps (Brig General)

Sayeret MATKAL (abn)(Unit 262)("The Unit")[General Staff deep

Reconnaissance/counter-terror unit]

Unit 269 [SM sub-unit with scuba capability]

Unit TZASAM (abn)(Special Reconnaissance Team)[mobile deep

Insertion visual recon team, considered elite special ops]

Unit YACHMAM (Intelligence and Targeting Unit)[long range artillery

Target acquisition unit, considered elite special ops]

Intelligence and Reconnaissance School (MOS)(BAHAD 15)- Tzeelim

Tactical Training Center (MATBAT)(Brig General)[equivilant to U.S. Army

National Training Center at Ft. Irwin]


Technological, Logistics & Medical Directorate (ATAL)(Maj General)(recently

Moved to MAZI control]

OC Ordnance Corps (Brig General)

Maintenance & Restoration Center 7100 [Merkava tank factory]

-Tel Hashomer

Maintenance & Restoration Communications Equipment Division

-Tel Hashomer

Center for Combat Spare Parts

Quality Assurance & Equipment Unit

Major armor/transportation maintenance center- Julis Base

Reserve divisions storagae facilities (YAMACHIM):

Anatot Army Base- W. Bank

Tzeelim Army Base

Ordnance Corps School (BAHAD 20)- Tsifrin

IDF Technical College

OC Logistics Corps (Brig General)

Transportation Center

Supply Center

Fuel Center

Food Center

Contractor Center

Building Center [will probably be replaced by civilians]

Computer Unit

Logistics Corps School (BAHAD 6)- Tsifrin

OC Medical Corps (Brig General)

Main Medical Supply Base

Combat Medical School (BAHAD 10)- Tsifrin

SAREL Volunteer Program [program organizes thousands of civilian

Volunteers from Israel and abroad who volunteer their time

Helping the IDF with primarily maintenance and supply tasks

On IDF bases]


OC Adjudant General (Brig General)

Absorbtion and Assignment Base (BAKUM) -Tel Hashomer

Military Basic Training School (BAHAD 4)

Haim Laskov Officer Candidate School (BAHAD 1)

Casualty Department

Behavioral Science Department

Personnel Management School -Tsifrin


[The Schools for Logistics, Ordnance and Maintenance, Medical, Adjunct and Manpower, Communications and Military Police will transfer to the new Negev base

"IrHaBahadim"/"City of the Training Bases", 20 km south of Beersheva in 2006-07]


[During major conflicts/mobilizations the IDF activates staff and students from a

 Number of advanced school courses, such as Unit 707 of the Counter Terror Warfare

 School; the advanced Tank Leaders courses at the Shizafon Training School Brigade;

 The Infantry Squad Leaders battalions at BISLACH; the Artillery School and the

 Officer cadets at BAHAD 1]


Unit Oketz (Unit 7149)("The Sting")[Special Forces multi-purpose dog unit

with CT responsibilities]- Sirkin AB

Palgat (company) Terror- Sirkin AB [assists in CT ops]

Palgat Gama ("Wanted")- Sirkin AB/Gaza [specialize in tracking]

Palgat Hamitanim- Mitzpe Adi Army Base [specialize explosives search]

Palgat Search and Rescue [not considered special ops, mostly works

With Homefront Command and civilian searches]





HQ, Northern Command (PAZAN) (Maj General)- Zefat


Northern Corps HQ [A separate HQ from Northern Command-- a "Gayis"--

Manned by a small cadre, commanded by a Maj General (not

The Regional commander), which may be activated when a

Large number of divisions, too unwieldy for a single regional

Commander, are operating on a single front]

Northern Command Signal Bn

Northern Command Special Command Team (LRRP)[squad size]

Northern Command Logistics Regiment- Shimshon

Northern Regional Ordnance Unit

Armor Workshop

Maintenance Co's

Heavy Equipment Transport/Refueling Tanker/Motor Transport Co's

Quartermaster Supply Co's

Ammunition Co's

Engineer Building Unit [structures/roads][will be replaced by civilian


Northern Command Military Band

from the Intelligence Corps (AMAN):

Elements from Unit 8200 (SIGINT)[Mt. Hermon electronic surveillance]

From the Field Intelligence Corps:

Shahaf ("Seagull") Bn

Unit TZASAM (abn)(Special Reconnaissance Team)

Unit YACHMAM (Intelligence and Target Unit)

from the IAF Air Defense Corps:

2 x I-HAWK SAM batteries

M-163 Vulcan/Stinger MATBAT SP units

from the Artillery Corps:

Unit Meitar (Unit 427)- Yftach Army Base ["wartime only" ATGM Bn.

Armed with very advanced and classified missles. Part

Of the Strategic Reserve 85th  Armor Division in peace]

from the Military Police Corps:

Law Enforcement (Shitur)

- Camp Filon, Golan Heights

- HaAmakim

- Haifa


36th ("Ga'ash"/"Rage") Armor Division (Brig General)- HQ. Camp Yitzhak

Reconnaissance Bn

Signal Bn

605th Armor Engineer Bn

Logistics Regt

Ammunition Bn

Supply Bn

Medical Bn

7th Armor Brigade ("Golani Storm")

Sayeret 7 (PALSAR 7)[deep reconnaissance unit considered

Special forces]

77  Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.2)("Romach"/"Spear")

79  Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.2)("Oz"/"Bravery")

82  Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.2)("Ga'ash"/"Rage")

188th Armor Brigade ("Barak"/"Lightening")

Sayeret 188 (PALSAR 188)(res)[deep recon unit,

Considered special forces]

53   Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.3)("Sufa")

71   Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.3)

74   Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.3)("Saar")

1st  ("Golani") Infantry Brigade

Sayeret Egoz (abn)[was Northern Command Special Forces

Deep recon unit for Lebanon ops, now

Primarily a CT unit]

Signal Co (PALHICK Golani)[Plugat Heil Kesher/PALHICK]

YACHSAR Bn [Gdud Yechidot Gadsor/YACHSAR]

Sayeret Golan (abn)(PALSAR 95)[Plugat Siur/PALSAR]

Anti-tank Co (PALNAT Golani)[Plugat Neged Tankim]

Engineer Co (PALHAN Golani)[Plugat Heil Handasa]

12  Infantry Bn ("Barak"/"Lightning")

13 Infantry Bn ("Gideon")

51  Infantry Bn ("Ha'bakim Ha'rishanim"/"First Breachers")

     Training Bn ("Golani Buds", recruit training bn for Golani)

[Golani Brig. Operates Achzarit APC [redesigned T-54 tanks]

212th Artillery Regt

334 Artillery Bn (MLRS)("Ra'am"/"Thunder")

405 Artillery Bn (M109A5 155SP)("Namer"/"Tiger")

411 Artillery Bn (M109A5 155SP)("Keren"/"Horn")

Target Acquisition Co

[will be reinforced by reserve SP/MRL/towed arty bn's]


[Note-- the Territorial Divisions and Territorial Brigades are active duty  HQ's

 That control rotating active and reserve units assigned to them.  They also

 Coordinate operations with Border Guard units.  They do not have fixed

 Structures like other divisions and brigades]


HQ, 91st  (Galilee) Territorial Division- Biraneet (Brig General)

Galilee Division Signal Bn

HQ, Hermon Territorial Brigade [also called Hiram Brigade]

HQ, Binyamin Territorial Brigade

Herev ("Sword") Infantry Bn [primarily Druze troops]

Unit Alpinist (res)[co size unit specialize in mountain/arctic

Warfare. Patrols Mt. Hermon area. Sayeret Egoz

Reservists assigned here to provide CT capability]


210th Armor Division (res)(Brig General)

Reconnaissance Bn

Signal Bn

Armor Engineer Bn

Logistics Regt

Ammunition Bn

Supply Bn

Medical Bn

Armor Brigade

Armor Brigade

Mechanized Infantry Brigade

282nd Artillery Regt (M109A2 155SP)


Armor Division (res)(Brig General)

Reconnaissance Bn

Signal Bn

Armor Engineeer Bn

Logistics Regt

Ammunition Bn

Supply Bn

Medical Bn

Armor Brigade

Armor Brigade

Mechanized Infantry Brigade

Artillery Regt (M109A2 155SP)


Armor Division (res)(Brig General)

Reconnaissance Bn

Signal Bn

Armor Engineer Bn

Logistics Regt

Ammunition Bn

Supply Bn

Medical Bn

Armor Brigade

Armor Brigade

Mechanized Infantry Brigade

Artillery Regt (M109A2 155SP)


Nafekh Army Base- Golan Heights

Camp Saar- Armor Corps base, Golan Heights

Mispe Adi Army Base- near Lebanese border

Amiad Army Base

Tzalmon Army Base

Kiryat Tivon Army Base- near Haifa

Northern Infantry Training Base- near Hadera


HQ, Central Command- Neva Yacout (Maj General)


Central Corps HQ ["Gayis"](Maj General)

Central Command Signal Bn

Central Command Special Command Team  (LRRP)[squad size]

Central Command Logistics Regt [redeploying to bases in N. and S. Israel]

Central Regional Ordnance Unit

Armor Workshop

Maintenance Co's

Heavy Equipment Transport/Refueling Tanker/Motor Transport Co's

Ammunition Co's

Quartermaster Supply Co's

Engineer Building Unit [to be replaced by civilian contractors]

Central Command Military Band

Civil Administration Unit(s) (res)[Civil Affairs type units to help

Conduct relations with Arab populations]

from the Field Intelligence Corps:

Nit'zan Bn

from the Military Police Corps:

MP HQ -Camp Anatot, Jerusalem

Law Enforcement (Shitur)

Dan - Tel Hashomer

HaSharon - Camp Motta Gur

Jerusalem -Camp Anatot

Yoav -Camp Yoav

Investigation (Metzah)

Center -Tel Hashomer

Dan -Tsifrin

Jerusalem -Camp Anatot

Yoav -Camp Yoav


Erez Bn (3 x co's) -Jerusalem

Ta'oz Bn (5 x co's)


162nd Armor Division ("Utzvat HaBarzel")(Brig General)

Reconnaissance Bn

Signal Bn

601st Armor Engineer Bn

Logistics Regt

Ammunition Bn

Supply Bn

Medical Bn

14th Armor Brigade ("Mahatz"/"Strike")

Reconnaissance Co

9  Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.3)("Eshet"/"Bow or Archer"]

52  Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.3)("HaBokim")

184  Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.3)("Bazak")

500th Armor Brigade ("Kfir"/"Young Lion")

Reconnaissance Co

429  Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.3)

430  Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.3)

433  Armor Bn (Merkava Mk.3)

NAHAL Infantry Brigade


YACHSAR Bn ("Topaz")

Sayeret NAHAL (PALSAR 374)

Anti-tank Co (PALNAT NAHAL)

Engineer Co (PALHAN NAHAL)

 50  Paratroop Bn (abn)("Granit"/"Granite")

932 Infantry Bn ("Shahan")

933 Infantry Bn ("Baselet"/"Basalt")

215 Artillery Regt

Artillery Bn (M109A5 155SP)

Artillery Bn (M109A5 155SP)

Target Acquistion Co

[will be reinforced by reserve SP/MRL/towed bn's]


HQ, Judea and Samaria Territorial Division [either 90th or 96th](Brig General)

Judea and Samaria Division Signal Bn

HQ, Jordan Valley Territorial Brigade

HQ, Samaria Territorial Brigade [also called Shomron Brigade]

HQ, Qalqilya Territorial Brigade [also called Ephraim Brigade]

HQ, Macabim Territorial Brigade [seam line from Qalqilya to Jerusalem]

HQ, Ramallah Territorial Brigade

HQ, Jenin Territorial Brigade [also called Menashe Brigade]

HQ, Bethlehem Territorial Brigade [also called Etzion Brigade]

HQ, Hebron Territorial Brigade

[The Division was divided into separate Judea Division and Samaria Division

 In 2002.  They were recombined into a single division in late 2003.]


active duty units permanently assigned to Judea and Samaria Division

97  Netzah Yehuda Infantry Bn [NAHAL Haredi/ultra-orthodox troops]-

Jordan Valley area

93  Haruv Infantry Bn ("Carob"--type of fruit tree)- Nablus area

90  Nachshon Infantry Bn ("Daring")- Qalqilya area

94  Ducifhat Infantry Bn (type of woodpecker)- Ramallah area

96  Lavi Infantry Bn ("Lion")- Hebron area

Sayeret Duvdevan (-)[Mistivarim/undercover unit.  Surveillance/snatch

Ops and West Bankm CT ops]

Sachlab MP Bn [MP combat unit.  Also used to remove illegal Jewish


[The Netzah Yehuda, Haruv, Nachson, Ducifhat and Lavi Infantry bn's are

  All under administrative control of the 900th Brigade for career personnel

  Advancement but are under OPCON of the Judea and Samaria Division.

  All the bn's will be assigned to the 162nd Armor Division in a high intensity

  Conflict. Each infantry company assigned a fifth platoon in 2004]


340th Armor Division (res)(Brig General)

Reconnaissance Bn

Signal Bn

Armored Engineer Bn

Logistics Regt

Ammunition Bn

Supply Bn

Medical Bn

Armor Brigade

Armor Brigade

5  Mechanized Infantry Brigade