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Israel - Army Order of Battle


  • High Court 1
  • General Staff Base
  • Flight School
  • School of Infantry Professions
  • Jordan Lions Battalion
  • Karkal Battalion
  • Cheetah Battalion
  • Battalion Valley Battalion
  • History of the IDF
  • Judah
  • Magellan unit
  • Nut unit
  • Duvdevan Unit
  • Special Tasks Engineering Unit (IDF)
  • Unit 669
  • Kingfisher unit
  • Dado Center
  • Path Course
  • Cruiser 3
  • Cruise 7
  • Cruise 13
  • IDF Orchestra
  • IDF Comptroller Unit
  • Department of Safety and Quality Control

  • Divisions

  • 7th Division
  • Division 401
  • 188th Brigade
  • Nahal Brigade
  • Golani division
  • Paratroopers Brigade
  • Paratroopers
  • Givati Brigade
  • Kfir Brigade
  • Commando Brigade
  • Rescue and Training Division
  • 282th Fire Brigade
  • Artillery Battalion 215
  • Foreign Relations Division
  • Troops and Arrays

  • Infantry and Paratroopers
  • Armored Corps
  • Artillery Corps
  • Field Intelligence Corps
  • Combat Engineering Corps
  • Medical Corps
  • Technology and Maintenance Corps
  • Logistics Corps
  • Technology Division
  • Liaison and Communications Corps
  • Lotam
  • Military Police Corps
  • Corps of Education and Youth
  • Human Resources Corps
  • Reserve system
  • IDF Employees
  • Combat Fitness
  • IDF Spokesman
  • Sickle array
  • Naval control system
  • Ongoing security forces
  • Air defense system
  • Technical array
  • Battle array
  • Military rabbinate
  • Array of remotely manned aircraft
  • Helicopter lineup
  • Transport system
  • Department of Safety and Quality Control
  • Food Array

  • Arms, commands and wings

  • Arm of the sea
  • Ground Forces
  • Air and Space Arm
  • Southern Command
  • Central Command
  • Northern Command
  • HFC
  • Division of Technology and Logistics
  • Division of Communications and Defense in the SGB
  • Division of Personnel
  • Intel section
  • Military Courts Unit
  • Military Courts in the Judea and Samaria
  • Military Prosecution
  • Military colleges
  • The Israeli government did not disclose information on the overall size of the IDF, or the identity, location, and strength of units. This policy was rather successful in obscuring the IDF ground forces order of battle. In recent years, this official secrecy has been relaxed.

    Kenneth S. Brower noted "... it is now possible to very accurately define the order of battle and material holdings of the IDF up to about 1977. Thereafter, the availability of open source data of US arms exports to Israel, classified US documents released by Wikileaks, as well as data on the transfer to Israel of US excess defense articles since 1992, together with reasonable professional assessments of the long-term impact of changes in the active Israeli force structure, as well as Israeli domestic military production, has allowed reasonable estimates of the more recent IDFs order of battle."

    One of the main pillars of the "Momentum" program for 2020-2024 related to multi-armor maneuver, which is intended to significantly increase the deadly force of the arm's forces by expanding the land armaments, increasing the standard of armament (armored combat vehicle) and advanced vehicle, enemy exposure capabilities, multi-unit formation - Dimensional etc. The same multi-armor maneuver effectively combines all land, air, cyber, kinetic, spectrum, and logistics efforts aimed at depriving the enemy of massive enemy capabilities and combat effectiveness.

    As part of this concept, land forces and end units (battalions) will be prioritized by developing personnel for 108% unit staffing, strengthening the components of the intelligence, intelligence and communication in the maneuvering battalions, and completing measures to 100% in front of the device (vehicle, night vision, weapons, control and control, etc.).

    In addition, the entire force building will be adapted to the new concept, and the brigade's level will be defined as a "basic design" in the IDF. Throughout the years, the scope of the military (remotely manned aircraft) will also be significantly expanded, and intelligence gathering capabilities will be enhanced.

    In January 2020 the Chief of Staff announced that the Kfir Brigade (Brigade 900) would be converted to a fire-intensive Hiram Brigade. The unit will be integrated with operative programs in the Northern Command and the Southern Command. "She will specialize, along with two or three units, Not only in urban spaces, but also in fighting in crowded urban spaces, which is petitioned and rich in enemy annihilation capabilities," explained Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi.

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced on 01 January 2020 that they had formed a new "multi-dimensional unit" that organically combines elite infantry, armored, C4i, intelligence, and air force elements. The unit is one of the first tangible products of the new Tnufa (Momentum) multi-year military program. The IDF did not say how many personnel it will eventually have, but said the unit will be commanded by a lieutenant colonel: the rank that usually commands a battalion. It will report directly to the commander of the 98th 'Fire' Division: a paratrooper reserve formation.

    The new multidimensional unit also took a stage at the opening of the year. Fighters from the various Gdars, Golani and Nahal paratroopers, along with Armored Squadron forces, the special engineering unit, pilots and Air Force personnel, were stationed in the unit and are the first of its combat units. The unit's members are destined to operate in all arenas of war, with its main uniqueness being the ability to expose, locate, attack and destroy an enemy in all decrees and dimensions. In addition, it aims to develop knowledge that will also influence the structure and organization of other bodies in the military, and will lead to different learning processes.

    It was also determined that Division 99 would be established - a new fire infantry division with fast and maneuvering fire-fighting forces. It would also incorporate elite reserve units, and be subordinate to the inland arm. As part of a land-based organizational change aimed at strengthening the multi-army's effectiveness and effectiveness, a multi-armed maneuvering and division brigade will be established.

    The build-up will also continue in advanced battle tanks (Merkava mark 4), and thousands of advanced trucks will be provided and purchased over the next 5 years. In addition, reinforcements of armored personnel carriers will be reinforced, and an engineering battalion will also be coordinated for each offensive army. At the same time, as part of the decision, the tank division will close and the number of tanks in the defense divisions will be reduced. As a further step, "Storm" teams, battalion fire-fighting teams will be embedded, enabling battalion-level fire and circle closure capabilities against most of the firearms.

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