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MiG-21-2000 Upgrade [Israel]

Lahav's avionics upgrade packages have enhanced the performance of different Soviet Fighter aircraft and provided them with new mission performance capabilities, enabling them to meet today's operational requirements. IAI has installed these packages in several types of Soviet aircraft (MiG-21, MiG-29, SU-22, SU-27) for customers from around the world.

The Lahav upgrade packages are based on integrating new, advanced mission systems, and reducing the pilot workload by providing clear displays of relevant data with easy system control.

Typical elements included in these upgrade packages include reconfiguration of the cockpit replacing old and obsolete instruments and systems with new displays for optimized pilot mission performance.

Replacement of original navigation system with advanced highly accurate Ring Laser Gyro Embedded Global Positioning System/Integrated Navigation (EGI) System. In addition to support navigation and mission planning, Lahav's upgrades includes the Digital Moving Map feature.

The mission computer provides for the optimized integration of the new systems. The mission computer performs mission calculations and graphics generation for the HUD, MFCD and other cockpit displays. The open architecture of Lahav's avionics allows both flexibility and growth potential to tailor the upgrade performance and new systems to the customer's specific requirements.

Almost all of its systems are quite simple and reliable. However, established in the late 1950s, the aircraft is hopelessly outdated armament, avionics and some of its parameters. Since it is in service in many countries, mostly not having a lot of money to buy new expensive aircraft, there was an idea to modernize the MiG-21. Here IAI decided to take up the case problem was this: making minor changes during the next scheduled maintenance on the airframe, systems, hydraulics, chassis, wheels - due to change weapons.. , avionics and possibly the power plant to create from normal MiG-21 aircraft, able to perform advanced tasks better than later and, accordingly, expensive aircraft.

In the first place it was necessary to replace the primitive for our time locator with direct sight, having a range of about 12 nautical miles (20 km). Together with the installation of a new multi-purpose radar M-2032, IAI had to replace the entire electrical system of the aircraft. In fact, a new cockpit with integrated Avio-ship is equipped with three displays and more top front panel, designed to simplify the control of all electronic systems. Pulse Doppler Radar EL./M 2032 MiG-21, 2000, provides an overvie. It can be effectively used to attack ground targets, even though limited bomb load.

Display by Elbit complements and helmet-mounted target designator produced by IAI simplifies the pilot of the MiG-21, 2000 to combat the problem and allows it to detect a target for its air-to-air missile. This device does not include a system of "friend or foe" with a range of detection is the line of sight. However, the company makes it clear that the western system of "friend or foe" is not likely to be widely used in Eastern Europe. The main fire control computer system information is displayed on the display is the latest development of Israel and can perform all the functions that are used on the Israeli Lavi attack aircraft provided eight computers. armament control system combined with the latest in electronic navigation system, almost completely freeing the pilot from navigational duties at any time. Further opportunities for the development of the MiG-21, 2000 concluded in adapting western digital fire control systems.

MiG-21 uses on two-shaft engine family R11-300. Modern engines are more economical than this, and when they are installed the aircraft will significantly improves their performance. Due to the reduction of the size of avionics and associated equipment in the MiG-21-2000, the design freed enough space for an additional 200 liters of fuel inside the aircraft. As a result, the total fuel capacity is 3000 liters. With considering the outboard fuel tank for 1200 liters, the operational combat radius of aircraft has been increased by almost 50% compared with the original version.

Of interest is the use of laser-guided bombs "Griffon" MK-82. Israel developed the system is compatible with many standard Western Force. The main air combat weapons can be used Israeli Python-3 - multipurpose missile air-to-air. The presence of powerful station EL / M 2032 in combination with such a rocket creates a system having a fighting distance is within line of sight. There are options for weapons with infrared guidance.

The company Rafael of Israel (not to be confused with the French Rafal) provides a laser detection and target tracking. To use the MiG-21-2000 for intelligence collection, removable pods with equipment are avasilable, including for thermal Imaging observation. In addition, the MiG-21-2000 received a new ejection seat.

The creators of the MiG-21, 2000, provide potential customers with reliable service, training pilots and technical staff.

IAI work on the modernization of the MiG-21 has a very significant drawback: it is not a company developed product. Director of Marketing and maintenance of state-owned IAI D.Levanok believes that this modernization is the best fit of the MiG-21bis and MiG-21MF. Of the more than 5000 MiG-21 which are currently in service today in various countries, there may from 200 to 500 units modified. Depending on the degree of upgrading it will cost two to five million dollars.

OKB Mikoyan workers are reluctant to answer the question it was obvious that they do not really believe in the realization of this idea. However, the option offered by them looked quite tempting: a new radar sight "Spear" with a range of target detection - 45 km, combined with on-board digital computer, avionics and excellent service. To improve LTH proposed to establish a new modification of the engine RD-33.

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