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LORA (Long Range Artillery Rocket)

Israel developed the LORA (Long Range Artillery Rocket) to ease pressure on its Air Force in any regional war. The state-owned IMI and Israel Aerospace Industries have been developing several long-range rockets, or those that could travel between 100 and 250 kilometers. IAI has developed LORA, said to have a range of 200 kilometers. The IAI missile is competitive with the American ATACM, which was considered successful in Iraq. It is believed to have a diameter of 0.65 m, length of 4.7 m, and a launch weight of 1,560 kg.

In March 2004 Israel conducted a successful test launch of long range artillery missile (LORA) on board a naval platform, which apparently is meant for sale to India. A high-level team from the Indian Artillery Directorate visited Israel in November 2003 and witnessed live firing of the Israeli missile systems before placing orders for an extended version of the system.

Specifications for the missiles were submitted by Indian Army officials to IAI scientists. India wanted 36 LORA missile systems and the India-specific ones would be an extended range version of the missile initially developed by IAI. The current versions of the solid-fuel missile, now in testing, carry a 570-kg warhead that can be delivered 200 kilometers away. Indian specifications for a longer-range version would require significant reductions in warhead size to comply with physical properties of the missile itself, well as international restrictions governing the transfer or sale of missiles capable of delivering a 500-kg payload at a distance greater than 300 km.

The operational status of the missile remains uncertain, as the developers accidentally broadcast a failed LORA missile test in 2003. As of 2008 the Israel Defense Force had decided not to deploy the LORA long-range artillery missile, which IAI had hoped to sell to India. Sources said the Israeli air force was instrumental in the decision not to buy the system, which could have substituted for air power because of its long range.

The LORA is a Long Range Artillery Weapon System capable of engaging strategic targets deep in the enemy's territory from mobile or maritime platforms. Typical targets are fixed or transportable including infrastructure assets. The high explosive warhead can be delivered accurately of about 10m: CEP across the effective range.

The missile can be equipped with a 400 Kg. high explosive warhead or with 600 Kg. penetration warhead to hit hardened targets. The missile can be launched within few minutes from unprepared positions. Any target whose location is known within the range of the missile can be attacked within less than 10 minutes from the launch decision.

The missile can be launched within few minutes from unprepared positions. Any target whose location is known within the range of the missile can be attacked within less than 10 minutes from the launch decision. The LORA uses a shaped trajectory flight mode. LORA is stored in a sealed canister with shelf life of seven years without maintenance.

On June 02, 2020 IAI successfully completed an operational dual firing trial with the LORA Weapon System. The trial was held in the open sea to demonstrate LORA’s capabilities to an IAI customer

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has completed a dual operational firing trial with LORA (Long-Range Artillery Weapon System), a precise ballistic strike missile. The trial was designed and performed under COVID-19 restrictions as part of IAI’s work plan, which includes demonstrating the capabilities of the advanced system to customers.

Held in the open sea, the trial included the launch of two long-range LORA missiles to a pre-defined hit point at sea. The complex trial included two scenarios to test and demonstrate LORA’s advanced capabilities. The first scenario involved a short-range launch to 90 km and the second to a long range of 400 km. In its ground version, the weapon system was deployed on a ship in the open sea to comply with the safety requirements of trials of this type. The missile was launched from an operational system that comprises a command trailer and a ground launcher. Under both scenarios, the missile was launched to its trajectory, navigated its course to the target, and hit it with utmost precision. Both the weapon system and the missile successfully met all of the trial’s objectives. Given the COVID-19 restrictions, the trial was executed with a portable trial field and a capsule team, which managed the trial remotely.

Developed by IAI’s MALAM division, LORA is a sea-to-ground and ground-to-ground system which comprises a long-range ballistic missile, a unique launcher, a command and control system, and a ground/marine support system. The LORA system provides ballistic assault capabilities for multiple ranges with a precision level of 10 meters CEP.

Boaz Levy, IAI's EVP and General Manager of the Systems, Missiles and Space Group, said: “The complex trial, performed under COVID-19 limitations, demonstrated the advanced capabilities of both IAI and LORA, our strategic missile system. The trial was executed according to a fully functional design, which tested the system’s maneuvering, strike, and precision, as well as technological developments and enhancements introduced by our engineers. Performing a trial with this level of complexity during these days is a testament to IAI’s unwavering commitment to our clients across the globe. The impressive results of the trial prove the system’s maturity and state-of-the-art capabilities.” Levy added, “I would like to thank Israel's Navy, Air force, and Israeli Ministry of Defense for the collaboration and assistance in this trial."

LORA was developed at IAI’s Systems, Missiles & Space Group. The Group boasts a long record in air-defense systems, such as the Arrow 2 and 3, the Barak 8, loitering missiles, and countless missile and satellite systems, such as observation satellites, nano-satellites, communication satellites (including Dror, the national communication satellite). The Group has also co-built the Beresheet spacecraft which traveled to the moon on its first mission. IAI is a national and global technological hub for air defense, radars, satellites, unmanned vehicles, civilian aviation, and cyber.

Weight 1600 Kg
Length 5.2 m
Diameter 625 mm
Angle of Attack 60° – 90°
  • Single stage, solid rocket motor
  • All solid-state electronics
  • All electric drives (no hydraulics)
  • missile is sealed in its canister
  • Range 90 to 430 km
    Targets Tactical SSM, MLRS units, Air bases, Air and Missile defense units, Command posts, Military infrastructure
    Maintenance No missile preventive maintenance – wooden round
    Fast Reaction Minutes from command-to-target hit
    Guidance GPS/INS
    Penetration Penetrates fortified targets
  • Land - 4 sealed missiles on a regular 16 ton flat-bed truck
  • Maritime - Very small deck space needed

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