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6th Battalion

2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade

With the reoganization of the Iraqi Army the 6th Battalion was redesignated the 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade in the Iraqi 5th Division.

The Iraqi army's 6th Battalion as it wasn known then was activated July 8, 2004 with the basic training completion and graduation of 523 training recruits in a ceremony at the Kurkush Military Training Base, concluding the stand-up of its sixth fully-manned and trained battalion.

Soldiers from the 6th Battalion have conducted military operations in the Diyala Province, as the 3rd Brigade expands its role in the security of Iraq. Missions conducted by the 6th Battalion have included traffic control checkpoints; dismount foot patrols, and cordon and search operations.

Iraqi army 6th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, troops detained 17 suspect individuals and seized weapons during a Nov. 15, 2004 cordon-and-search operation conducted north of Fallujah with assistance provided by soldiers from the U.S. Army's 1st Cavalry Division. Since operations commenced in Fallujah, 6th Battalion had been primarily involved in traffic-control point, cordon-and-search, and other various security operations outside of the city in support of operations inside the town.

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