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Forward Operating Base (FOB) Gunner

With the construction of the new Kellogg, Brown and Root dining facility complete, soldiers from all over Forward Operating Base (FOB) Gunner began flocking to the area to experience the new food. After months of MRE's, T-Rations, and A-Rations, eating real food was an exciting change. The soldiers did not seem to mind the air-conditioned eating area either.

The dining facility started out serving only 2 meals a day to allow the troops to adjust to the new diet. The dining facility eventually increased to full production, which was 4 meals a day. The breakfast menu had a variety of choices, ranging from eggs, bacon, and sausage to pancakes, French toast, and the reliable staple of sausage gravy. The cereal bar was always available, as well as fresh fruit and juice. Lunch consisted of classic hamburger and hot dogs, as well as chicken sandwiches and fish sticks, just to name a few of the daily choices. Dinner seemed to be the soldier's best chance for some good old (almost) American-style meals. With meals ranging from steak to fried chicken, soldiers were enjoying the tastes from the States here in Taji, Iraq.

The dining facility had also begun catering to the personnel that work on the night shift. The midnight meal allowed these individuals a chance to grab a quick bite from the sandwich line or to get a head start on the day by choosing from the breakfast bar.

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