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Balad Air Base

Imagery of the Balad Air Base
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Overview of the Middle East with Iraq in the center

CIA Map of Iraq

Tactical Pilotage Chart of the Balad Airbase

Russian 1:200,000 scale map of Balad Airbase as of 1985.

CIB overview Balad Airbase as of 1995.

Balad is served by two runways measuring 13,000 and 12,000 feet respectively.

Imagery showing a MiG-23 fighter jet that's been towed into a cemetery near Balad (sp) Airfield, north of Baghdad. Visible inside of the yellow dotted line to the left are the ends of the runway and places where aircraft would normally be stored inside of bunkers. About 4,000 feet to the right, as is indicated on this image, in a small box can be seen "cemetery"

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In the blow up, the MiG-23 can be seen in the corner of the cemetery. The arrow points to the tail end of the aircraft and the nose is to the right

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