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Najaf, Iraq

Imagery of the Imam Ali Mosque, Najaf
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NIMA CIB imagery overview of the city of Najaf Najaf - 10 meter Ground Sample Distance
NIMA 1:500,000 Tactical Pilotage Chart of Najaf
NIMA 1:15,000 scale City Map
Image of the old city of Najaf from August 2001 (Credit: Space Imaging Eurasia, 08/24/01) Image of the old city of Najaf from March of 2003 (Credit: DigitalGlobe, 3/27/03)
In the recent confrontation with Sadr's militia, US forces closed several roads to cordon off the shrine and immediate area. (Credit: Space Imaging Eurasia, 08/24/01) Many of the recent clashes between the Mahdi Army and American forces have occured in this vast cemetery on the western edge of Najaf. Measuring 1485.5 acres (601.1 hectacres), several million Iraqis are buried here. (Credit: Space Imaging Eurasia, 08/24/01)
The heaviest recent fighting has occured as US forces advanced across the cemetery towards the old city. (Credit: Space Imaging Eurasia, 04/25/04) The cemetery forms the northern border for the old city center of Najaf. (Credit: Space Imaging Eurasia, 04/25/04)
The shrine was damaged during the Shiia uprising of 1991 and was closed for reconstruction for the following two years. (Credit: Space Imaging Eurasia, 08/24/01) Imam Ali Mosque, April 2004 (Credit: Space Imaging Eurasia, 04/25/04)
Close-up of the Imam Ali Mosque (Credit: Space Imaging Eurasia, 08/24/01) Close-up of the Imam Ali Mosque (Credit: DigitalGlobe, 3/27/03)
U.S. Central Command released aerial photos taken Aug. 23, 2004 that show militia mortar positions on the eastern sidewalk of the Imam Ali Shrine
US forces searched Sadr's house in this neighborhood, just east of the old city. (Credit: Space Imaging Eurasia, 08/24/01) (Credit: Space Imaging Eurasia, 08/24/01)

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