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Yugo Class Midget Submarine
Yono Class Midget Submarine

In 1991 the Iranians obtained 2 midget submarines from North Korea. It was believed these were of the "Yugo" class. The North Korean Yugo Class submarines are themselves based on a design originating in the former Yugoslavia. These North Korean submarines had a surfaced displacement of 76 tons and a submerged displacement of 90 tons. They had a surface speed of 10 knots and could make 4 knots submerged. Armament was in the form of two 530mm torpedo tubes for torpedoes or mines. Yugo class submarines also had the ability to carry 6-7 divers in addition to the crew of 2.

In 2005 Iran announced it would start production of its first indigenous submarine. The hull was launched in 2006. In 2007 the Iranian navy unveiled a submarine, named the Qadir (also written Ghadir), first of a number of planned midget submarines of the Yono class. The Qadir was otherwise extremely similar to these Yugo boats, leading observers to suggest that this was an Iranian design based heavy on that class. Iranian authorities asserted that the Qadir was an entirely Iranian design, and that the vessel could launch anti-ship missiles. Such a capability would have required the installation of more advanced systems into the submarine or the operation in concert with other vessels capable of guiding any such missiles. The Qadir does have provisions for mounting a Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV), a type of craft that Iran has also developed.

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