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United Front of Principlists

The United Front of Principlists (Jebhe-ye Mottahed-e Osulgara'i or UFP) was formed in March 2008, following a split between the political block that helped Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into the presidency. The schism represented a split in interests between ultra-hardline supporters, and more pragmatic politicians (who went on to form the Comprehensive Coalition of Principlists). The nucleus of the group was close associates of then President Ahmadinejad. Though the term Principlist was previously used for supporters of Ahmadinejad based on holding to Islamic principles, the party ran in the 2008 Majlis elections pledging to reduce poverty and fight inflation, and address other economic concerns which had been an issue for the President.

Supported by the vetting process that prevented most reformist candidates from standing, the UFP scored major victories in the 2008 Majlis elections. The UFP claimed 220 of the 290 seats taken outright in the first round. Another 68 seats were scheduled for run offs. Irregularities during the election were protested by both the CCP and reformist parties.

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