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Toophan 2

The Toophan missile is an Iranian reverse engineered version of the US BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile. The Toophan was developed in early 2000 by Iran's state run Aerospace Industrries Organization and has been successfully tested from tripod, AFV, and helicopter platforms. The AIO also stated that the Toophan was compatible with existing BGM-71 launchers.

In May 2000, the AIO unvieled an improved tandem warhead version of the Toophan, called the Toophan 2. The Toophan 2 is similar to the BGM-71E TOW 2A in that is has a nose probe and tandem warhead. With its probe extended, however, it has an identical length to the earlier single warhead BGM-71C Improved TOW missile. Range between the Toophan and BGM-71 missiles was the same according to the AIO. The AIO also said that Toophan 2 warheads could be refitted to existing Toophan missiles.

Iran deployed the Toophan and Toophan 2 on ground tripod launchers, on its M113 and Boragh APCs, and on its AH-1J and Shabaviz 209-1 helicopters.

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