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IPS-18 Tir Class Coastal Patrol Craft

Similar in overall design to the IPS-16, the ISP-18 Tir class boats are larger, featuring a third motor and larger 533mm torpedo tubes, and being capable of the same 52 knot top speed as the IPS-16. They also have a larger displacement, at 28.16 tons. Like the IPS-16, the Tir class have torpedo tubes which stow flush, along with a retractable radar mast, potentially giving the boat a low radar signature. The Tir class also have a 12.7mm machine gun for self-defense.

As with the IPS-16, the Tir class have been claimed as an indigenous design by the Iranian Maritime Industries Group (a division of the state run Defense Industries Organization), but similarly these boats are reportedly of North Korean origin, delivered in 2002. They may have been assembled or partially assembled in Iran. The MIG now offers the Tir class for sale itself, showing that it does have a production capability.

Jane's Defense Weekly reported in 2006 that Iran was in the process of equipping its Tir class boats with Noor anti-ship missiles, Iranian produced copies of the Chinese C-802 missile.

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