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IPS-18 Tir Class Coastal Patrol Craft

IPS-18 TirThe Tir II (IPS 18) is an Iranian built small fast attack craft torpedo boat featuring a low, flush hull to reduce its radar cross-section. The radar is set on a retractable mast, with fixed 21" tubes inside the superstructure. Engines exhaust at the waterline to reduce its IR signature. Built by Iranian Maritime Industries (a subsidiary of the state-owned DIO company), the Bavar-class missile-armed boats are being acquired to replace the Tir-IIs. Ten units were in service with the IRGCN, not the regular Iranian navy as of 2014. In late 2006/early 2007 six of the sixteen vessels built were transferred to the Syrian Navy, and remain fully operational.

Similar in overall design to the IPS-16, the ISP-18 Tir class boats are larger, featuring a third motor and larger 533mm torpedo tubes, and being capable of the same 52 knot top speed as the IPS-16. They also have a larger displacement, at 28.16 tons. Like the IPS-16, the Tir class have torpedo tubes which stow flush, along with a retractable radar mast, potentially giving the boat a low radar signature. The Tir class also have a 12.7mm machine gun for self-defense.

As with the IPS-16, the Tir class have been claimed as an indigenous design by the Iranian Maritime Industries Group (a division of the state run Defense Industries Organization), but similarly these boats are reportedly of North Korean origin, delivered in 2002. They may have been assembled or partially assembled in Iran. The MIG now offers the Tir class for sale itself, showing that it does have a production capability.

Jane's Defense Weekly reported in 2006 that Iran was in the process of equipping its Tir class boats with Noor anti-ship missiles, Iranian produced copies of the Chinese C-802 missile.

Missile boats are armed with two anti-ship missiles «Noor». Total naval forces of Syria for 6 years have taken on armament 6 small RK, which are among the most modern and combat-ready Navy surface ships Syria. Small RK Tir II, as well as other basic weapons supplied to Syria from Iran. These ships are designed on the basis of the Iranian project launches «IPS 18", most likely, «IMIG» — Iranian state organization department of the military industry. Antiship rocket «Noor» is also a missile made by Iranian companies. Ships of the project «IPS 18" and above «IPS 16" torpedo boats, made on the basis of the boats that were delivered to Iran and built in the DPRK. Iran has perfected the boat and still produces several variants for the needs of its own and the Syrian Navy. Antiship rocket «Noor» North Korea is also drafting the C-802. Iran produces data missiles under license. Navy Syria is towards the coast and coastal defense, and accounted for the purchase and implementation of anti-ship missiles. Since 2006, Syria was the ability to elevate the Navy, because most of the fleet — as armament, and equipment of ships and boats — obsolete.

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