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Shahraz Class Coastal Minesweeper

In the early 1960s, Iran received two MSC-268 class coastal minesweepers under the Military Assistance Program. These ships were of a wooden construction with a fully loaded displacement of 378 tons and a maximum draft of 7 feet. Powered by 2 1,2000 hp diesel engines they could make a top speed of 14 knots. A single twin 20mm automatic cannon mount is the only armament, intended for self defense.

The first of the boats transferred to Iran, MSC-275, was given the name Shahraz, while the second, MSC-276, was named Shahrokh. Shahraz was reported lost in a fire in 1975, while Shahrokh continued to serve, even after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Originally transferred in a package with 3 other minesweepers of two other classes, the surviving Shahrokh has been grouped by many sources with the coastal minesweepers Simorgh and Karkas. These boats, however, are of two completely different classes, the Simorgh belonging to the Albatross class and the Karkas belonging to the MSC-292 class. The Shahrokh was still listed in active service as of 2008.

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