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Shahed 285

The Shahed 285 was unveiled Sunday May 24, 2009 on the anniversary of the 1982 liberation of the Iranian city Khoramshahr -- which was occupied by Iraqi forces during the 1980-88 war. A number of Shahed 285s -- which have successfully passed numerous test-flights -- were handed to the IRGC Air Force on Sunday. The IRGC says the state-of-the-art helicopter is capable of taking part in seaborne and airborne combat operations. The Shahed 285 can carry autocanons, machine guns, guided missiles, anti-armor missiles and air-to-air and air-to-sea missiles.

The "100-percent domestic-made all-weather aircraft" has a slick aerodynamic design and is capable of taking off in harsh conditions. The chopper's rotors and cabin were said to be made from advanced composite materials. The newly developed aircraft is easy-to-maintain and can be stored in combat zones for immediate access.

Iran's latest endeavor follows the successful test-fire of its new deterrent ballistic missile, the Sejjil II, which has a 2000-kilometer surface-to-surface range. Over the years after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, internationally blockaded Iran has managed to design and manufacture various missiles, fighters, stealth aircraft, drones, submarines, radar systems, and military vessels.

Deputy Commander of the Iranian Army's Ground Forces Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari said the Cobra Melli (National Cobra) helicopter gunship will be deployed for the first time in a specialized military drill by the Armys airborne units in the near future, Fars News Agency reported Wednesday May 23, 2012. The commander did not offer a specific date for the drill but described it as a showcase of military self-sufficiency in the field of helicopters.

In the past, the armys airborne units were hugely dependent on countries that built helicopters but thanks to efforts by Iranian experts of the Ground Forces, such dependency has entirely been done away with, said Gen. Heidari. We now depend on native forces to conduct all repair and maintenance work on our helicopter fleets. He also emphasized that all the design and development process for building the helicopter gunship has been carried out in the country, adding that in some respects its capabilities are superior to the US-built Apache helicopters.

He reiterated that in the upcoming army drill, indigenous military helicopters will be armed with a variety of domestically-manufactured precision arms and missiles. Heidari stated as well that a number of advanced anti-helicopter and anti-armor weaponry would also be examined in the upcoming drill.

Compared to the American OH-58 Kiowa which retains the airframe of the Bell 206, the Shahed 285 is a single-seater with a narrower fuselage, but retains the tail and powerplant / rotor structures, and is intended for military use. The helicopters of the type perform military missions, including reconnaissance and combat patrol and support ground forces is developed.

These missions are suitable for support of ground forces, attacking enemy positions, conducting fire on them, destroy enemy positions and attacking medium and heavy equipment (tanks, personnel carriers, etc.) in order to reduce the pressure on the friendly forces work.

Shahed 285 is a helicopter design in the category helicopters to run better missions. The helicopter has a range of 800 km and an endurance of about 5 hours is desirable, it is possible that it will remain in the sky without the need for refueling frequently return possible.

Extensive use of non-metallic composite materials, in addition to weight loss and reduced energy absorption bird radar, bring other benefits. Bird weight loss due to the use of composite materials that are lighter than metals, increased cargo weight portable bird as well. The position of carrying arms, one on each side of the body, each seven rocket launchers to install one or two 2.75 inch. Also on the roof there is a system of electro-optical or thermal means and the ability to install and detachment has been observed. A naval version has been developed which have many similarities with the land version.

The camouflage color is light blue for marine environments in this instance, employed and so far there have been two types of missile weapons on it. Anti-ship missiles known as "Kosar" weighing 120 kg and a range of about 25 kilometers (who Asrshlyk of helicopter, also will increase) the aircraft is installed on each side of the helicopter.

Rockets also called "SADID 1" at the seat of the helicopter-mounted four on each side, and according to sources, has a range of 10 km and the possibility of applying the laser-guided missile at the helicopter samples there. The missile weapons tested on the bird are not only of the kind listed.

The 278 and 285 helicopters have many similarities between the two types. In fact, major differences of size, length and diameter of one meter longer than the size of marine propellers tail to 6 cm. There is an increase operational readiness of relevant units as well as helicopter in the lead.

According to appearance, the tail section of the main body 278 and 285 are similar in control and two helicopters, according to data released by engine power and maximum takeoff weight of the two helicopters, a rule engine and transmission system be common to the most important component of every helicopter. The cabin has a lot in common system and the multifunction display (MFD) is used in the helicopter.

Technical, operational controls AH-85A
Performance Specifications
ceiling hovering helicopter (IGE) 3350 m
ceiling hovering helicopter (OGE) 2040 meters
Service ceiling 4160 m
maximum rate of climb 6.7 m s
largest speed 225 km per hour
range (5000 ft) 875 km
endurance 5 hours
length 84/11 mm
width 78/2 m
height 42.3 m
Main rotor diameter 16/10 m
diameter tail rotor 57 / 1 m
empty weight 820 kg
maximum takeoff weight 1450 kg
maximum power 420 hp engine
  • ability to engage closely with fire performance of high-speed flight at low altitude
  • search and goal-seeking
  • combat identification
  • features
  • body and blade and advanced composite materials
  • function in diverse geographical conditions
  • ability to perform different missions
  • high-performance
  • Shahed 278 Shahed 278 Shahed 278 Shahed 278 Shahed 278 Shahed 278 Shahed 278

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