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Shahed 274

The Shahed 274 is a locally designed light helicopter with a combination of components of several helicopter-types, mainly the Bell 206. Its development was reportedly initiated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), being sponsored by the Institute of Industrial Research and Development. Was said to have been first flown in 1997 and entered service with the IRGC on 16 September 1999. However, it was not publically displayed until 30 December 2000 in Tehran, and was also displayed during an airshow at Kish Island during 2002.

The Islamic Republic of Iran unveiled a new helicopter September 18, 1999, the Shahed X5, which has been designed and built locally, in the presence of Head of the National Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. The Shahed X5 which took three years to design, has a maximum speed of 180 km (112.5 miles) per hour and can reach an altitude of 17,000 feet (5,100 meters). Sponsored (as X-5) by the Institute ol Industrial Research and Development of the IRGC; reportedly due to have made its first flight in 1997. First aircraft (71-832) handed over to IRGC 16 September 1999. International public debut, in Tehran, 30 December 2000. At least two more (74-001 and -002) in service by end of 2001. Further public appearance in air show on Kish Island, October/ November 2002.

It can carry four passengers and has a 600 kilometer (372 miles) range, Speaking to reporters after the launch, Rafsanjani said that construction of the helicopter was auspicious for both Iran and the world of Islam. ''Today the responsible and revolutionary sons of the nation have broken a technological taboo about the design and construction of helicopters, and this has auspicious consequences for Iran and the world of Islam,'' Rafsanjani said.

The commander of the air force of the Islamic revolution guards corps (IRGC) brigadier general Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf said 20 September 1999 that the IRGC's air force is to manufacture some 20 shahed x5 helicopters by the end of the third five-year economic, social and cultural development plan ( 2000-2004). The new helicopter is suitable for Iran's climate and can fly at an altutude of 17,500 feet from the sea level. The Shahed x5 helicopter can be used in different situations, concluded the commander.

Iran began mass production of two other helicopters, the Shabaviz 2-75 and Shabaviz 2061, in May 1999. Development of the Shahed 274 helicopter is reported to have been undertaken by the Pasdaran, or Revolutionary Guards. The organisation may also be responsible for a new transport helicopter. Planned production was for 20 units by 2004, but the status as of 2008 was uncertain.

TYPE light utility helicopter.
CUSTOMERS Total of 20 (other sources suggest 30) were reportedly planned to be built by end of 2004.
DESIGN FEATURES Two-blade main and tail rotors; fully enclosed cabin and tailboom; upper and lower vertical fins. Intended applications include observation, rescue and light cargo-carrying.
ACCOMMODATION Seats for five persons including pilot. Forward-opening crew door and passenger door each side; baggage door aft of latter on port side.
Main rotor diameter 10m
fuselage length 9m
height overall 3m
max. take-off weight1500kg
empty weight 1000kg
POWER PLANT One 313kW Roils-Royce 250-C20B turboshaft
max. level speed180km/h
service ceiling 5200m
max range 600km
LANDING GEAR Twin-skid type.
Shahed-274 Shahed-274 Shahed-274 Shahed-274

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