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Parvin Class Coastal Patrol Craft

Iran received 3 PGM-71 class motor patrol boats during the late 1960s. These craft, the first of which was named Parvin in Iranian service, have a displacement of 142 metric tons with a full load and a top speed of 17 knots. They were armed with a single 40mm Bofors automatic cannon, 2 twin 20mm automatic cannon mounts, and 2 twin 12.7mm machine gun mounts. Originally intended for anti-submarine duties in addrition to their patrol mission, they also had anti-submarine mortars and depth charge racks. These weapons had been removed, likely along with the ASW sensor equipment by 1995. Standard armament had not been changed.

The 3 PGM-71 class boats, Parvin, Bahram, and Nahid, were said to have been sunk during the Iran-Iraq War. However, these craft were sighted thereafter, and were still listed as in active service by 2008.

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