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Karkas Class Coastal Minesweeper

In 1962 Iran received a single MSC-292 class coastal minesweeper, a ship slightly larger than the MSC-268 class ships it had received around the same time. THe MSC-292, renamed Karkas in Iranian service, was 378 tons displacement with a full load with a maximum draft of 8 feet 3 inches. With 2 890 hp diesel engines the craft had a maximum speed of 12.8 knots. A single 20mm automatic cannon comprised the craft's only armament for self defense.

The Karkas survived the Iranian Revolution in 1979, and despite being thought to have been sunk during the Iran-Iraq war, was still listed as in active service by 2008. Transferred in a package with 3 other minesweepers of two other classes, the Karkas has been grouped with the coastal minesweepers Shahraz, Shahrokh, and Simorgh. These craft, however, belong to 2 separate classes, the Shahraz and Shahrokh being MSC-268 class ships, while the Simorgh was an Albatross class vessel.

It was also reported by 2000 that Iran was operating two MSC-292 type vessels in addition to the MSC-268 type Shahrokh (the only one of this type to survive the Iran-Iraq War). Only two MSC-292 vessels were even built, the MSC-292 going to Iran, and the MSC-293 being Transferred to Pakistan. No record exists showing that that MSC-293, named Momin in Pakistani service, was Transferred to Iran, but was struck off charge in that Navy in 1985.

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