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Kajami (Taedong-B) / Zulfikar - Semisubmersible Attack Craft
Gahjae (Taedong-C) - Semisubmersible Attack Craft

Sometimes confused with the Peykaap and Tir patrol craft, a small number of Taedong class semisubmersible attack craft were obtained in the same deal with North Korea in 2002. At least 1 Taedong-B, named Kajami in Iranian service, and 2 Taedong-C, referred to as the Gahjae class, were obtained. These semisubmersible craft are armed with two torpedo tubes of unknown size, but could likely be configured to carry mines or deliver divers or other special operations forces.

Iran has a number of North Korean semi-submersible attacking vessels Taedong-B and Taedong-C, delivered in 2002. One such boat, Taedong-B "Kajami", was available for public viewing during the demonstration exercises. The Kajami class vessel participated in naval exercises in 2006, flying the flag of the Iranian Republican Guard Corps. Both types were equipped with light 324 mm (12.75 ") torpedoes. Typical torpedoes of this class have a range from 6 to 10 km.

It is not yet clear whether the priority tactic of these boats is an attack from an underlying (submerged) position with an attack at high speed on the surface, or vice versa, an approach at high speed, and then diving at the final stage of the attack. Boats can probably dive to a depth of about 3 m using the Schnorchel mast, which remains on / near the surface. Vessels are likely to develop 40 knots on the surface and 10-12 knots under water.

Although these boats offer some new tactical capabilities for Iran, they are unlikely to operate successfully against large ships or fast-moving objects. Light torpedoes are unlikely to completely destroy even a modest warship, although it is obvious that their successful attack can paralyze even a large warship.

It is reported that Taedong-C resembles a Peykaap class torpedo boat, and this may mean that the Peykaap itself is a submersible boat , although this seems unlikely.

Type PGM - Missile Gunboat
Operator IRGC Navy
Commissioned 2006
Max Speed 50 kt
Crew 3
Length 20.0 m / 17m (56ft)
Beam 5.0 m / 3.3m (11ft)
Draft 1.0 m
Height 3.5m (11.5)
Displacement Full 20-22 tons
Propulsion 2x Diesels (details ???) plus two electric motors
Speed 40kt max surfaced, ~3kt submerged
Endurance modest
Maximum Operating depth 3m (10ft) with snorkel
20m (66ft) max (estimate based on I-SILC)
Sensors / EW
  • Surface Search Radar - (25nm)
  • Night Vision Goggles - (2nd Gen) Visual
  • echosounder
  • Weapons
  • 2 x DPRK 32cm (12.7") - (Unknown Designation) Torpedo Surface Max: 6 km
  • Possible storage of MANPADS or RPGs and other crew weapons.
  • 1? x 12.7mm/50 MG Gun, Burst [10 rnds] - (No Anti-Air Capability) Surface Max: 2 km. Land Max: 2 km.
  • Personnel 8 (4x crew, 1-2 escorts, 1-3 infiltrators)

    Kajami Semi-Submersiable Kajami Semi-Submersiable Kajami Semi-Submersiable Kajami Semi-Submersiable Gahjae Semi-Submersiable

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