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Kaivan Class Coastal Patrol Craft

Iran received 4 1950s vintage US Coast Guard "Cape" Class coastal patrol craft. These 95' vessels, the first being named Kaivan in Iranian service, as designed had a displacement of 107 tons with a full load and a maximum speed of 20 knots. Designed for coastal patrol and anti-submarine duties, their original armament comprised a single Bofors 40mm cannon, anti-submarine mortars, and depth charge racks. By 1995 the ASW equipment had been removed and replaced with a single twin 23mm cannon and 2 12.7mm machine guns. The ASW sensors had also likely been removed.

Following the Iranian Revolution in 1979 3 of the 4 craft remained named as before, with the Tiran being renamed the Azadi. Of the 4 Kaivan class craft 2 were damaged and 1 was sunk during the Iran-Iraq War. The Mahavan was sunk, but both the Kaivan and Mehran were declared by Iranian authorities to have been repaired in 1989. All three remaining craft were listed as in active service as of 2008.

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