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Marine Industries Group (MIG)

Off-Shore Design and Research Center Research and Development

Shahid Julaei Industries Small regular, speed, and hydrofoil boat types
(Patrol, fishing, etc)
Shahid Darvishi Industries Submarines, tugboats, landing craft, barges
and floating platforms
Bandar Abbas
Shahid Tamjidi Industries Destroyers, missile craft, tugboats,
landing craft, barges and floating platforms
Bandar Anzali
Shahid Mousavi Industries Tugboats, landing craft, cargo craft, barges and off-shore
floating platforms (including oil related infrastructure)

The Marine Industries Group [MIG] consisting of five subsidiaries located in north, south & capital of I.R.Iran is the exclusive and important manufacturing industries of Defense Industries Organization ( D.I.O.) which is capable in designing and production of various types of marine structure & floating vessels by utilizing fiberglass, steel and aluminum materials, employing the advanced navigation equipment, central ventilation and communication systems,internal & external fire-fighting systems, huge size fuel tank, fresh water chamber, health and welfare facilities and also safety appliances such as fire-resistant life boat with more than two decades experiences & according to the rules & regulations of IMO and as per international standards & certifications such as ISO 9001 & military standards.

Utilizing the modern technology, sophisticated machinery and equipment on special dry berths having shipyards with computerized and huge capacity ship-lift system, various types of cranes, Marine Industries Group is capable to design and produce major civil products such as tug boats, landing crafts, floating docks, supply crew ship, tanker vessel, passenger and fishing ships, cargo vessels, fast installation floating piers and pontoons, crane barges up to 500 tons lifting capacity, tanker and flat barges, fast patrol and training boats, clean petroleum tanker, offshore structure, oil and gas refinery towers.

Shahid Joolai Marine Industries was founded in Tehran in 1365. The shipyard is the first and the finest aluminum and composite aluminum composite structure manufacturing company in Iran and among the countries of the region, which has been able to provide a significant contribution to the country's maritime needs. The company now offers its customers in two parts: radar floats and civilian floats.

Shahid Darvishi Marine Industries was established in the city of Bandar Abbas in southern Iran in 1989. This shipyard is currently operating as one of the modern and leading shipyards in the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea, which has so far been able to provide significant contributions to the country's maritime needs. The company now offers its customers in two parts: military vessels and civilian vessels. Shahid Darvishi Marine Industries is a subsidiary of Iran's Ministry of Defense located 37 kilometers west of Bandar Abbas and is located near Isawaikh Complex (Iran's Trans-Caspian Shipyard Complex). The complex is engaged in the construction and repair of surface and submarine vessels.

On 04 July 2009 an explosion in Bandar Abbas's naval industry killed at least three people. The explosion occurred in Iran's Ministry of Defense's naval industry in Bandar Abbas. The incident occurred following a "battery explosion" of a submarine in the Marine Dervishes Marine industry. According to Aziz Allah Kanari, the head of the governorate of Bandar Abbas, three martial arts workers from the martyr Darwishi Bandar Abbas were killed in the incident. Director General of the Department of Public Affairs Dawood Abdi also said the incident injured on one else. Abdi also said that the incident "occurred when repairing a light vessel". He did not prvide other details about the incident. In recent years, in some cases, explosions in Iranian military installations have led to speculation about the possibility of vandalism, some of which have been confirmed by the authorities of the Islamic Republic and some have been silenced.

Shahid Tamjidi Offshore Industries designs and builds military and other vessels, including destroyers, missile-launching battleships, and landing craft; affiliated with Marine Industries Group (MIG), a subsidiary of Iran's Defense Industries Organization (DIO); founded in 1996 in Bandar Anzali (Anzali Port) in northern Iran. Iran is set to boost its naval capabilities with a new missile-carrying Peykan-class warship, it has been announced April 2017. Naval spokesman First Captain Ahmad Reza Baqeri of Irans northern fleet pointed out that this will be the fourth warship in its class built by Shahid Tamjidi Maritime Industries Group in Bandar Anzali. Another Moudge class frigate, the Damavand also previously known as the Velayet was constructed on the Caspian at Shahid Tamjidi Marine Industries.

Bandar Anzali is the second most populated city in Gilan Province and the first and largest port on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea. The city borders the Caspian Sea in the north, Sowme'eh Sara in the south, Rasht in the east and Rezvanshahr in the west. Anzali has humid subtropical climate with high levels of annual rainfall. Humidity levels in the city vary between 71 to 97 percent. Anzali is cloudy or overcast and is blanketed by heavy cloud-like fog for the most part of the year.

The name of the city is believed to come from the word Anzal meaning Anchor and Anzali therefore means Port. What we know from historical records is that the citys name has always been Anzali and was only briefly changed to Port Pahlavi under the Pahlavi (1925-1979) monarchs. For centuries Anzali has served as a gateway to Europe, connecting the economies of the East and West. Not surprisingly the customs authority of Anzali is at least 300 years old.

Shahid Mousavi Offshore Industries is affiliated with Marine Industries Group (MIG), a subsidiary of the Iranian Defense Industries Organization (DIO). The Company designs and develops ships, including landing craft, and onshore and offshore structures for petrochemical industries. The Company was established in 2004 in the city of Bandar Khorramshahr (Khorramshahr Port) in southern Iran.

Shaheed Mousavi's Marine Industries was established with the aim of constructing 22,000-ton crude ships, the construction of Offshore & Onshore structures. Equipped with the projected investment plan for the plant as one of the shipbuilding and construction companies of modern, advanced oil and gas, and petrochemical industries in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. The location of one of the best geographical spots of the country and simultaneous access to two Karoon and Arvand waterways and the right depth of water on one side, as well as the utilization of fresh water of the Karun and Arvand rivers, has given it an outstanding position.

Thanks to the overhauls of the 3000 ton Ahwara by the well-trained and efficient maritime industry of Shahid Mousavi, Khorramshahr, affiliated with the Department of Naval Sea Industries, the industry succeeded in competing with Dutch, Indian and Emirati companies, job creation, economic prosperity and Prevent the withdrawal of currency in the year of resistance. According to ISNA, the Ahura ship with a length of 80 meters, a width of 10 meters, a height of 5 meters and a draft of more than 2 meters is one of the largest boats in the region, which within 6 months and spent 3500 hours by the Ministry of Defense's Marine Industry Specialists And delivered to the owner. Shahid Mousavi Marine Shahr Khorramshahr is also ready to provide services to vessels with a weight of 8000 tons, and in its repairs, it uses completely Iranian materials and equipment with world class approval and approval.

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