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Islamic Iran Participation Front

The Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF or Jebheh Moshaarakat Iran Eslami) was a pro-democracy reformist party founded in 1998. It was led by Mohammad Reza Khatami, brother of one-time Iranian President Mohammad Khatami. Its main slogan was "Iran for all Iranians," and advocated increased democratization and freedoms, while still championing and Islamic state. However, the IIPF favors allowing participation by all parties, even those opposed to the Islamic state, so long as all actions are taken within a peaceful democratic system. The IIPF also believes the existing constitution and laws of Iran to fully support increased democratization. Perhaps the most controversial piece of the IIPF's agenda is a desire to work toward more normalized relations with the United States.

The IIPF have been especially strong critics of Ahmadinejad's foreign policy and the effects on Iran. In December 2007 statements were issued, which said: "After two unprecedented UN Security Council resolutions against Iran, unfortunately the preparations for a third resolution have started and the propaganda threats, notably military, of American and European countries have begun." The IIPF has, however, also made statements against outside threats. "We cannot neglect defending the country's independence and integrity even for a while," Mirdamadi told a gathering of his Islamic Iran Participation Front in October 2007.

In 1999 the IIPF joined with other reformist parties to form a block called the 2nd Khordad Front, intended to help in getting more reformist candidates elected. In 2004, two prominent IIPF politicians, Behzad Nabavi and Fatemeh Haqiqatjou, were prevented from standing in Majlis elections by the Guardian Council. In the 2005 presidential elections the IIPF supported the candidacy of Mostafa Moin, who ranked 5th overall after the first round despite belief that he would be among the top 3. The IIPF did not support moderate Rafsanjani candidacy, and stated that none of its members would serve in the cabinet of the winner of the 2005 election, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In 2005 Mohsen Mirdamadi also replaced Reza Khatami as Secretary General of the IIPF. In 2008, the Madjlis elections were again subject to heavy restrictions on IIPF candidates imposed by the Guardian Council. IIPF representatives suggested that up to 90 percent of all constituencies in Iran were without an IIPF candidate, largely becuase of the vetting process.

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