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Damavand Class Destroyer
Artemiz Class Destroyer

Iran acquired a single modified Battle class destroy from the United Kingdom in 1967. The Battle class HMS Sluys was modernized in 1966 by Vosper Thornycroft. This vessel was then transferred to Iran, being renamed the Artemiz. The initial refit affected mostly the Artemiz's sensor equipment, with the basic armament of two twin 4.5" gun mounts, multiple 40mm anti-aircraft guns, and a anti-submarine mortar being largely unchanged from the original configuration. This ship had a maximum speed of 31 knots and a full load displacement of 3,360 tons.

A subsequent refit in 1976 in South Africa gave the Artemiz a missile capability. The launchers installed could have been used for anti-ship missiles, but were operationally used to fire the Standard SM-1MR surface-to-air missiles. A short-range Sea Cat SAM system was also fitted.

After the Iranian Revolution in 1979 the Artemiz was renamed the Damavand. The revolution also saw the departure of western maintenance assistance, leading to difficulties in keeping the Damavand in active condition. The Damavand officially remained in active service into the 1990s, despite being reported sunk in 1983 during the Iran-Iraq war. By 1995 the Damavand had been removed from active service.

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