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Boragh / BORAQ

The Iranian Boragh APC is an indigenously produced version of the Chinese WZ-501/503 series, itself a copy of the Russian BMP-1 series. Unlike the BMP-1 or WZ-501, the Boragh has a simple open topped gunner's station with a single 12.7mm machine gun instead of a fully enclosed turret. On initial versions of the Boragh, the gunner's station was unprotected. Later versions featured an armored shield visually similar to that on a number of Chinese designs. The visual design of the road wheels also has more in common with the US M113 APC.

The Boragh is described by the manufacturer as suitable for all environments, but especially for sandy roads. Rubber elements on the track are added to prevent damages on paved surfaces. Drive sprockets also have rubber elements designed to reduce or eliminate some noises.

As of 2008 the Vehicle Industries Group of the state run Defense Industries Organization said there were 7 variants, plus an unknown number of specially designed vehicles for amphibious operations. These variants were command vehicle, ambulance, engineering support, ammunition carrier, missile carrier (with a single man turret for the Toophan missile, a locally produced derivative of the US BGM-71 TOW missile), mortar carrier, and a variant with a low profile turret with a 30mm gun (appearing similar in concept only to the turret on the Russian BMP-2 series).

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