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Boghammar Fast Attack Craft
Torgah Fast Attack Craft
MIG-G-0800 Patrol Craft
MIG-G-0900 Fast Attack Craft

In 1984 Iran ordered an unknown number of boats from the Swedish firm Boghammar Marin. These boats went on to serve in the last stages of the Iran-Iraq War and the so-called Tanker War in the Persian Gulf. The original models supplied were monohull RL-118 and RL-130-4A types, and were fitted with a wide variety of weapons locally, including large caliber recoilless rifles, unguided rockets, rocket propelled grenades, and machine guns.

Additionally a single type was delivered in 1992 by Boghammar Marin with a small troop landing ramp and the capacity to carry 20 troops. The fate of this craft is unknown.

A number of these boats were said to have been lost in combat, including a number in engagements with US forces. By 1991 a number had been refitted with Seatek diesel engines, these boats being referred to as Torgah. In 1992 a number were also returned to Sweden for refit.

The term has been broadly applied since, with many boats in Iranian service of similar configuration (that is high speed monohull or catamaran types fitted as fast attack craft) being termed "Boghammar," regardless of their origin. The deployment of the origin Boghammar boats into the Persian Gulf during the Tanker War and subsequent interaction with foreign navies led to the term becoming a catch-all in international lexicon for this type of craft, again regardless of origin.

As of 2008 the boats best described fitting this description were made by Iran's Maritime Industries Group (a division of the state run Defense Industries Organization). MIG produces boats of both monohull and catamaran style. The most common types of craft are the MIG-G-0800 "Boston Whaler" and MIG-G-0900, primarily used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy. These boats are equipped for special operations and light strike mission, and have widely variable weapons configurations, the most notable being the fitting of a 107mm multiple rocket launcher on top of the bridge. The exact model of these boats is unknown, a wide variety of other types appeared to be in service with Iranian military and law enforcement units.

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