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55 Airborne Brigade

The 55 Airborne Brigade is one of the army's special Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was founded in Shiraz during the Pahlavi dynasty. This brigade is the only Iranian and Middle East unit that is defined by the main mission of the skydiving military unit. The personnel of this type of staff are selected from the University of Afsari Imam Ali, these individuals are able to perform skydiving operations inside Iran and abroad through special training during the service.

The airborne has two barracks, No. 1 in the area of the airborne and Banafsheh intersection and and 2 a military unit in the Sivakdariin district of Shiraz-Kazeroun road. Google Maps is not too sure where these places are located, and no remarkable facilities are evident in imagery. The total Brigade headcount is only about 2,000 troops, which might produce rather low visibility barracks. Airborne troops require perfectly good aircraft to jump out of, so presumably this outfit is onl the military side of Shiraz International Airport, which has a few buildings that are noteworthy for have camouflage painted roofs.

All army personnel are dispatched to this brigade during their skydiving service, and at the Airborne Training Committee, opposite the garrison, will take basic and specialized training. Airborne is among the few army units outside Tehran, which is dispatched to Tehran for March 18 and 22, with parachutes for the parade.

The 55th Airborne Brigade of Shiraz is proud to be the fastest response unit of the Army's Army's Army to perform its mission as the first after-frill unit. The arrival of the glorious Islamic Revolution of Iran was sent to the Kurdistan region on August 28, 1985, in order to commemorate the Islamic Revolution, and immediately sent it 3 days before the imposed war to the operational areas of the West and the Southwest, equal to The Supreme Leader's Guide to the 55th Airborne Brigade of Shiraz to the Front.

During the eight years of the Holy Defense, the Brigade participated in almost all major operations and has played a decisive and key role as a centerpiece at the tip of operations, and over the course of the 8 years of the holy defense, more than 60,000 combatants Through this brigade, deployed to the frontiers of the right to fight against falsehood, including the great operations that this brigade has played a decisive and influential role, respectively, can be Samen Al-Aimeh, Holy Trinity, Phthalmobin, Beitol Moghaddas, Walfajar, Karbala, Moslembn Aqeel, Muharram, Badr, Allah Akbar, Khaybar, Ashura, Hajimran, Morsad and others. The brave men of this Brigade in Operation Jerusalem were the first fighters reaching the gates of Khorramshahr.

The commander of the 55th Airborne Brigade of Shiraz, Nozar Nemati today, on the sidelines of the Zulfiqar 91 aeronautical operations exercise, held in the main parts of the Strait of Hajjan and the Mellaneh Gilan-Gharb region, said in an exclusive conversation with the Fars correspondent in Kermanshah: "The great exercise of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the form of a special training exercise and the headquarters of the forces Armed with the purpose of evaluating today's specialized forces in Gilan-e Gharb.

Nemati continued: 55 Airborne Airborne Brigade will carry out all its in-depth missions in the western region, in the hotspot areas of the Hajian Strait and the Gilan-e-Mellaneh region in the Zulfiqar-91 aeronautical exercises. He stated that we should always maintain our readiness to defend the country, "Our message to the world is a message of peace, but if the enemies want to make the slightest aggression to the Islamic Iran's border, they will see a harsh and destructive response." Nemati said: "Given that these forces are fast reaction forces, this exercise is a kind of repetition of daily exercises."

It is worth mentioning that the great exercise of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Armed Forces from today to November 11th with the presence of powerful military commanders such as Amir Purdostar, Commander of the Army, Sardar Mohammad Nazar Azimi, Commander of the Nabiokarm Corps, Kermanshah Province, Sardar Bahman Reyhani, Commander of the Navy Commander Corps Kermanshah Province, Seyyed Dadash Hashemi, Kermanshah Governor General, Sardar Karim Keshari, Kermanshah Police Chief, a group of officials from Kermanshah Province and commanders of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army in Gilan-e Gharb.

On 25 January 2019 the commander of the 55th Airborne Brigade of Shiraz announced the implementation of the new Brigade's record for rapid response and timely presence in the rally area. According to Tabnak, citing Tsennim, Amir Brigadier II, Zibihallah Bahman Ziari, 55th Airborne Commander of Shiraz, in a conversation with reference to the intrinsic mission of the Airborne Brigade 55 of Shiraz, stated: "In this exercise, after completing the airship, the brigade consists of ready Ten weapons, ammunition, tactical vehicles, mortar shells, mortars and shotguns went to the general exercise area.

He added: The rapid reaction forces of the 55th Airborne Brigade of Shiraz in less than 45 minutes, with all military equipment and equipment, and receiving a 72 hour ration, by the eight C-130s from Shahid Shahid Shahid Basin to the Nasrabad General District of Isfahan, The airborne operations and the landing of the Aqaba blocked the enemy.

The commander of the 55th Airborne Brigade, Shiraz, assessed the speed of the Brigade presence in the test scene positively, adding that this invading brigade could reach the test area in its shortest time, which is actually a record in the transmission of power. Amir Brigadier II Ziari said that the 55th Airborne Brigade also successfully completed the operation of joining the armored units with the pursuit of enemy forces and the destruction of the remaining personnel and equipment.

He described the implementation of airborne airborne operations from other actions of the Airborne Brigade of Shiraz 55. He added that the Brigade, in the shortest possible time and after ten shoots of the Ranger's descent, was able to equip 21 sets of motorcycles and tactical vehicles equipped with 107mm missile weaponry as well as heavy mortars and all types of gunfire, through the air, and throwing and launching a reaction unit in the test area.

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