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121 Ranger Brigade

The Rangers Unit is a quick-deployment airborne infantry infantry with trained and organized personnel for very complex direct response operations or in support of other special operations units that can conduct direct response operations to support non-conventional conventional operations, with the guidance of the combat commander, Or act as a reinforcement force for other elements of the combined forces.

The new garrison of the 121st ROW command line, known as Shahid Rahman Forouzandeh, is created on an area of 71 hectares outside of Tabriz. The governor of East Azerbaijan announced the opening of the first phase of the new garrison of the 121st ROW command of the Army's Army in Tabriz, announcing the readiness of the province to deploy various units of the armed forces, and stated: "We know the function of the field." Provide the armed forces with a strong presence in security and security.

Ismail Jabarzadeh added: "To complete this garrison and deploy army units there as well as other development and development projects along with the hero's army, we hope we can be honest and honest servants for the security industry". At the ceremony, with the presence of the commander of the IRGC and commanders of the military and law enforcement of the province, the great families of the martyrs of the army and those involved in the implementation of the project of the Army's Army's new garrison camp in Tabriz were appreciated.

The new garrison of the 121st ROW command line has up to 30 percent physical progress. The first phase of this garrison consisted of eight thousand and 23 square meters of building and the field of the morning with the cost of over 200 billion rials. The new armed forces of the Islamic Republic's armed forces in Tabriz are the seventh new navy.

On 01 July 2015 battalion of Army Brigade Commander 121 was sent to the area to help the flood victims of Tabriz. In order to expedite the relief and use of all capacities to help the people of Tabriz, a battalion of the Army's RPM Brigade 121 Army was deployed to the region. Following the intense rainfall in the northwest of the country and the flooding of some of Tabriz's passageways and the flooding of some houses, the Army's Army grounded its relief to the people and provided assistance to the people of the region with the help of flood victims in Tabriz. The PRT also announced that in addition to sending a force to the region, another battalion is on the alert.

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