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Kalang - Fast Troop Transports (AP) ex-fast ferry

The Kalang [Reef] class ships are military ships and colored in navy grey, acquired from from PT.ASDP Ferri Indonesia (Persero). These are Indonesian Navy ex-civilian fast ferrys operated as troop transports. They are classified as Fast Personnel Transport Ships (KCP - Kapal Cepat Angkut Personel).

Previous KRI Karang Pilang (981) was Fast Ferry Boat Ambulu, a passenger ferry boat operated by PT Transport River, Lake, and Crossing (ASDP) Indonesia Ferri (Persero). On 15 September 2005 the Department of Transportation granted five ships worth Rp 491 billion to the Department of Defense through the Navy. The five vessels consist of KFC Serayu, KFC Mahakam, KFC Ambulu, KFC Cisadane and KFC Barito. The reason this grant was the inability of these vessels compete with air transport getting cheaper and much faster. The former ferries were not placed at the forefront when there was war. The ships were included in Unit Auxiliary Ship (Satban) with the task of supporting the movement of troops and military equipment that will perform tasks in a region.

The Lurssen-built "Ambulu Class" Fast Ferries, which originally belonged to the ferry company ASDP, were delivered in the mid-1990s to Indonesia. Due to the unfavorable economic situation then, the vessels, 5 in number, 95 m length and with 950 persons carrying capacity, were eventually put out of service and subsequently transferred to the Indonesia Navy as troop carriers in 2006.

In a twist of circumstances, the Indonesia Navy decided to inject new life into these vessels through a retrofit program to refurbish the entire platform, including major overhauling of the main propulsion system; MTU 16V595 engines, water-jets and controls. Despite the tough competition, the MTU Indonesian distributor PT. Mentari Timur Unggul, who was responsible for the governmental business, ?nally won the tender for the revamp of 2 vessels; Kri Karang Pilang '981' and Kri Karang Banteng '983'. MTU Asia's Service Center undertook the challenging task to completely overhaul a total of 4 engines , which arrived in December 2006, with a tight schedule to complete each engine within 12 weeks, and unaware of the conditions of the internal components for a major overhaul .

Despite having to completely re-haul four old engines for the Indonesia in a very limited timeframe, co-operation between MTU Asia's different teams - from After-Sales, to Service Centre, Parts and Product Support - enabled MTU to deliver a high standard of service for customers.

Because of its function as a transport of military equipment, the ship's passenger capacity was reduced to make room for military equipment to be transported. KFC turned into KRI Karang Ambulu Pilang (981), KFC Mahakam converted into KRI Karang Tekok (982), KFC Serayu became KRI Karang Banteng (983), KFC Cisadane became KRI Karang Galang (984), and KFC Barito became KRI Karang Unarang (985). The retired KRI Karang Galang, which was now rest-in-pieces on the bottom of the ocean, was used in a SINKEX on 16 June 2008 that tested the C-802 anti-shipping cruise missile. KRI Karang Unarang (985) was withdrawn from naval service on 21 October 2010.

Blue print to support the Navy in 2014 to the Minimum Essential Force (MEF), Koarmatim modernized elements that are under its ranks. One such element is the Kalang Pilang KRI-981 which is a Unit Auxiliary Ship (Satban) of Koarmatim. Modernization was completed in early 2013 with the replacement of the propulsion system, interior repair ships and armaments, by adding two 20mm caliber cannon shoots. This improvement was done in Dock Ship Lift Battleship Division PT. PAL

In this improved machining system KRI Karang Pilang that was using four Pusher Machine Identification (MPK) Water-powered jet MPK Shaft revitalized into two propellers. With the replacement of the principal drivers of this system technically can reduce the rate of speed of the ship, but on the other hand is very positive in terms of operations in fuel efficiency. Indeed, with two propellers the ship speed dropped from 40 knots to 18 knots, but in terms of fuel consumption can save the use of 2 tons per hour to 2 tons per day.

Looking at the history of Coral Pilang KRI-981, originally a passenger ship owned by PT. Pelni with names KM. Ambulu, created in 1996 at the German shipyard Lurrsen. Then on April 7, 2006 the ships assigned to the Navy and to strengthen the ranks Satban entrusted Koarmatim. This warship is very effective in executing opersi sea combat, this is caused by the building of warships made ??of aluminum, which is difficult to detect by radar enemy warship.

In the ranks Koarmatim, KRI Karang Pilang has the function as Fast Ship Transport Personnel (KCP), crewed by approximately 30 personnel.

NameHull DescriptionComm.Status
KRI Karang Pilang981ex-KFC Ambulu 15 Sep 2005in service
KRI Karang Tekok982 ex-KFC Mahakam07 Apr 2006 in service
KRI Karang Banteng 983 ex-KFC Serayu07 Apr 2006 in service
KRI Karang Galang 984 ex-KFC Cisadane 07 Apr 2006sunk in training 27 May 2008 as target in a combined exercise
KRI Karang Unarang985 ex-KFC Barito 07 Apr 2006 withdrawn from naval service on 21 October 2010

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