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KCR 40 Fast missile ships (KCR - Kapal cepat rudal)

One major indigenous program is the Kapal Cepat Rudal (KCR Fast Missile Boat) program, consisting of three designs, the 40m KCR-40 built by PT Palindo, the 60m KCR-60 built by PT PAL and the 63m Stealth Trimaran KCR built by PT Lundin. Both the KCR 40 and KCR 60 designs carry the Chinese C-705 missile, with Indonesia having discussed with China licensed manufacturing the C-705 for domestic use. A target of 14 KCRs by 2014 and 44 by 2024 to meet the MEF had been set.

Fast missile ships (KCR - Kapal cepat rudal) were ordered by the government from the PT Palindo Marine shipyard, Batam. These types of vessels are important for the security of sea area. Of the four KCR ordered, two had been handed over by late 2012, KRI Celurit-641 and KRI Kujang-642. This is part of the massive Navy (AL) procurement program. The price per unit of vessel known around Rp75 billion. The government was in collaboration with the Bank for financing. This fleet will be operated in the western region and Sulawesi Utara.

In late 2012 Managing Director of PT Palindo Marine Harmanto revealed, KCR third was in the finishing stages. "Last week was in-launching later this year and may be handed over," he told SINDO October 16, 2012. The third ship was in the shipyard from the factory and undergoing refinement. "Upon completion, will be tested at sea," he stated. While finishing third ship, further Harmanto, it also has begun initial stages of processing to ship number four. "We make a complete ship, except weapons," he added.

Head of Public Communication Ministry of Defense Maj. Gen. Hartind Asrin said the government will buy a total of about 35 KCR to meet appropriate minimum basic strength development program (MEF). "So far, only four are in the budget," he said. Until 2024, the Navy plans to acquire 24 units of this type of ship. Indonesia took the ships of this type for the security of the seas, especially in the western region. "Water western region is very suitable for small vessels like this (below 100 meters long) because of shallow waters. If in the east, we need large ships over 100 meters in length," he explained.

KCR Commander Task Force-40 and PC-43 Navy Colonel Nurwahyudi added, it took about 12 months to complete one unit KCR since signing the contract. "Later there before handed over sea worthiness tests used by the Navy," he stated. This vessel, said Nurwahyudi, has similar specs to the two previous ships, KRI Celurit-641 and KRI Kujang-642. To note, the ship, designed as a patrol ship, has a length specification of about 44 meters, width 7.4 meters, weighs 250 tons, and was able to sail at a maximum speed of 30 knots. Armed ship C-705 missiles, 30 mm caliber six barrel cannon, and two units 20 mm caliber cannon.

Clurit641PT Palindo Shipyard, Batam 25 Apr 2011In Service
Kujang642PT Palindo Shipyard, Batam 06 Nov 2012 In Service
Beladau643PT Palindo Shipyard, Batam25 Jan 2013
644PT Palindo Shipyard, Batam 201x

Length 43.00m
Beam 7.40m
Full Load 250 tons
Speed 30.0 knots
  • 2 x C-705 SSM
  • 1 x 30mm 54-caliber AK-630 gatling AA
  • 2 x 20mm
  • Complement

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