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Kapal Angkatan Laut [KAL] Patrol Craft

The recent classes of small fast lightly armed patrol boats are classified simply as Kapal Angkatan Laut [KAL], meaning Navy Sea Ship. These are the smallest vessels that are considered commissioned units of the Navy, with anyting below 36 meters considered a non-commissioned craft. Indonesia has large numbers of small islands, and requires large numbers of small vessels to patrol and provide presence. Some of these vessels are very poorly attested, even by the most authoritative sources, and as a whole these vessels range from well attested recent units to earlier types that are little more than rumors.

In order to compete with its technologically more advanced neighbors, Indonesia is seeking to replace its ageing fleet of naval patrol vessels with 30-40 fast patrol craft and corvettes over the decade 2005-2015. In January 2009 the TNI-AL commissioned two indigenously built KAL-40 patrol craft, bringing the class strength to 11 units. The navy had immediate plans to acquire up to 20 more craft worth US$ 30 million, although this sale had been tainted by allegations of corruption. The KAL-40-class (or PC-40-class or Viper-class) is a group of patrol boats employed by the Indonesian navy, equipped with Russian 25 mm. and 12.7 mm. machine guns.

Rear Admiral Djoko Sumaryono explained that Indonesian waters of approximately 5.8 million square kilometers also contain abundant natural resources, has a coastline of 81.290 kilometers and 17 506 islands. Everything requires protection and security. According to the four-star admiral, in theory Navy in the world divided into three kinds, namely small, medium, and large. AL is small, the number of ships just 100 ships. With the 100 it will not be able to secure the vast territory of Indonesia. Therefore, the concept must be changed from AL small, effective, and modern; become strong, big, and professional. The concept must obtain the support of the wider community.

However Kasal remain optimistic that someday the Indonesian Navy would have around 300 warships, so as to secure the territory of the Republic of Indonesia with everything in it which is costly to the interests of the Indonesian people. For that Admiral Bernard Kent Sondakh appealed to officials of relevant agencies to participate and give solutions to think how to make this Indonesian Navy and strength so that Indonesian waters are safe. "I recognize that the power is only 100 ships, which means there are 50 ships in the sea every day which is not enough, because they have to keep an eye on 5.8 million square kilometers with all the very complex issues, such as illegal migrants, smuggling , illegal fishing, piracy, pollution lngkungan, illegal immigrants, and other cases, "he said, adding, that to build a great navy needed to funds, and it can not be achieved in a short time."

Navy Chief Admiral Bernard Kent Sondakh answered the press, after the closing ceremony of the Regular Education School Staff and the Navy Command (Dikreg Seskoal) Force Functional XLI and Staff College (Sesfung) Navy Force VIII, 2003 in Seskoal, Cipulir, South Jakarta,12 December 2003. According to the Navy Chief, Navy has launched a fast patrol boat KAL-36 at a cost of only Rp12 billion. If purchased from abroad with the same type, then the price will reach U.S. $ 4 million or approximately Rp30 billion. "But to combat combatant ships, we do still need made from abroad and hopefully the next 10 years we are able to make their own with the level of technology and combat capabilities can be relied upon. For it has been declared making the corvette warships in the country on December 5 ago, "he explained.

Fleet Commander of the Western Regions (armbar) Rear Admiral TNI Mualimin Santoso admit, patrol boats procurement mechanisms by local governments need to be repaired. To that end, the government through the Department of Defense and the House needs to make a rule about this. "This mechanism would be disciplined again," he told reporters in Jakarta on 03 September 2003. He did not elaborate further, whether the mechanism by creating new laws.

According Mualimin, the procurement for the Navy ship is very urgent now. He said, for the western region of Indonesia TNI has 36 new patrol boats. In fact, the number of standard vessels to keep water in the region of 90 ships. While the ideal number of 120 ships. "So what we have today is still below standard," he said. Therefore, he welcomed the offer of the Government of Riau Province in helping ship procurement.

As is known, the Government will provide a patrol boat KAL 36 worth USD 12 billion to the Navy. The ship will operate maintain the territorial waters of Riau. "The ship will be donated to the military," he said. According Mualimin, the patrol boat used for sea defenses and has only limited capabilities in the territorial sea. Its main priority is to maintain the territorial waters of Riau. But if necessary, the ship can be operated in other vulnerable areas.

After inaugurating three warships in 2004, the Navy planned to inaugurate three warships again in the fall of 2004, as well as a fast ship missile in February 2005. "Hopefully, within three months there will be three new warships were inaugurated," said Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Bernard Kent Sondakh in the waters of the Gulf of Jakarta,06 August 2004. Three new warships, says Bernard, is a KAL 36 type of ship . Bernard continued, if inauguration plans were realized, the Navy has completed a number of types of warships KAL 35 to 12 units. "That suggests 12 KRI type KAL 36 was built," he said. That is, he added, has a full program KAL 12 into one squadron. Funds needed for the construction of the ship was worth RP 12 billion, without armament.

In addition, the Navy, said Bernanrd, also will build a fast ship type 40. "Hopefully in February next year can go to sea," he said. Ship with a length of 40 meters, he said, will be prepared as a ship with missiles. To realize the plan, he intends to invite LAPAN, LIPI, LEN, PT DI, and PINDAD next week. "I will speak to make their own missiles," he said. Funds needed to finance the ship was about USD 15-18 billion, not including armor.

On 30 April 2004 Main Base Commander Navy (the Navy) III Surabaya Loulembah First Admiral Ahmad called on all governments in the region to support delivery of two patrol boats are limited to marine safety in the region. Ship type 36 and KAL KAL 40 is needed to complement the patrol boat was owned by each Base AL (Lanal) ranging from Tegal to Kupang. Need for additional patrol boat was delivered in Mataram, during handover Lanal Mataram Commander of Navy Colonel (P) Dada SoBar Wirasuta to Marine Lt. Col. (P) R Edy Suryanto,30 April 2004).

Specifically in the area of NTB availability patrol boats are also needed to oversee the 137 islands, even up to over 145 islands are largely uninhabited. "Lekas Islands are prone to acts of illegal transit," he said. The ships are in addition to support maritime security operations can also be used for official use government officials.

The total area reaches one fifth of Indonesia. Loulembah, Lanal Mataram will always be faced with the challenges of defense issues, potential development dimension, as well as law enforcement and sovereignty. This is made ??possible because of its geographical position directly opposite the sea islands groove 2nd being used shipping lanes in the world of national and international shipping. On the other hand, the position Lanal Mataram becoming increasingly important because they are in a specific area into an international tourist destination. This requires support base capable of lifting and anticipate and address the possible impact arising against the dangers arising out of the strategic environment is rapidly evolving and changing.

In January 2009 the Indonesian Navy launched two new, locally made patrol vessels as part of ongoing attempts to bolster and upgrade its aging fleet. Navy spokesman First Adm. Iskandar Sitompul said the vessels, KRI Krait-827 and KRI Tarihu-829, would be operated by the Western Fleet Command, based in Jakarta. The ships, measuring 40 meters in length and 7.3 meters wide, were each equipped with a radar system, a twin-barreled cannon and two 12.7 mm machine guns, he said. Each had a maximum speed of 25 knots per hour. The hulls were made from special reinforced fiberglass and aluminum. Because they were not made from steel they were faster. It also costs less for maintenance.

Kobra (KAL-36) Patrol Boat

Length 36.00m
Beam 7.00m
Draft 1.35m
Displacement, Full Load 90 tons
  • 1 x 20mm AA
  • 1 x 12.7mm machine gun
  • Machinery3 x MAN D2842 LE 410 diesel engine 3300
    Props 3
    Speed 38.0 knots
    Ships Company 18

    KAL-38 Patrol Boat

    Length 38 m
    Beam m
    Draft m
    Displacement, Full Load tons
  • 1 x
  • 1 x
  • Machinery
    Speed 31 knots
    Ships Company

    Viper (KAL-40) Patrol Boat

    Length 40.00m
    Beam 7.30m
    Tonnage 100 tons
    Length 40 m (131 ft 3 in)
    Beam 7.3 m (23 ft 11 in)
    Draft 1.50m
    Props 3
    Speed 29 knots (54 km/h; 33 mph)
    Endurance 4 days
  • 25 mm (1 in) AA machine guns
  • 12.7 mm (0.50 in) machine guns
  • Ships Company 25

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