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CN-235-100 MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft)

Country of Origin Indonesia
Builder PT. Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara (IPTN)
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Wing Span
Engine General Electric CT7-9C
1,750 SHP at normal take-off power
1,850 SHP Max. take-off power (APR on)
Propeller4 blades Advanced Hamilton Standard 14 RF-21
Take-off distance to 50 ft. screen altitude
ECS and engine anti ice "off"
T.O. flaps, landing gear "down"
All engines operatives
3,471 ft. 1,058 m.
Max. rate of climb
All engine operatives
One engine operatives

19.49 ft/sec.
5.085 ft./sec.

5,94 m/sec.
1.55 m/sec.
Max. cruise speed 207 KTAS 383.364 km/h.
Long range speed 189 KTAS 350.082 km/h.
Patrol speed at patrol altitude and medium weight 170 KTAS 314.840 km/h.
Take-off distance 6.496 ft. 1.980 m
Landing distance from 50ft. screen
Altitude, flaps and landing gear "down"
Max. landing weight, with reserve thrust
3,592 ft. 1095 m
Landing without reserve thrust 4,035 ft. 1,230 m
Endurance 8 hours
Range 1,000 NM.
Max. ramp weight 16,200 kg.
Max. take-off weight 16,000 kg.
Max. landing weight 15,800 kg.
Max. zero fuel weight 14,500 kg.
Max. useful load 4,000 kg.
Max. fuel capacity 4,200 kg.
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