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Udhampur Airbase
32° 53' 60"N 75° 09' 29"E

Udhampur, located in Ghaziabad just northwest of New Delhi, is the probable location for nuclear-capable MiG-27 aircraft. Squadrons 2, 9, and 18 at Hindan operated over four dozen MiG-27ML, some of which may be specially modified to carry nuclear bombs.

There is no obvious nuclear weapon storage area visible in recent imagery. There is at least one probable munitions storage area north east of the strike aircraft complex at the north of the field, with a dozen or so revetted storage structures. There are also a variety of other intriguing features at this end of the airfield, any one of which might be a nuclear weapons storage area, but none of which have particularly noteworthy features. Possibly this is all a charade, an anti-simulation project in which the real WSA is hidden among a flock of suspect sites.

Indian doctrine for the dispersal of nuclear weapons prior to release is opaque. Possibly nuclear weapons would be stored at a fixed facility. Or possibly they would be ferried to dispersal sites in a time of crisis. This airbase is prepared for such an eventuality, with several aircraft parking areas near the attack aircraft hangars. In some imagery, a large helicopter is parked at one of these areas, suggestive of possible crisis dispersal.

Udhampur is a strategically important city for India as it sits close to the Pakistan border and thus, the Northern command headquarters for the Indian military is based out of there. To support the troops, the Forward Base Support Unit, which is an arm of the Indian Air force, is also situated here which operates out of the Udhampur Air Force Station. Udhampur is used by the Armed Forces as a transit point between Jammu and Srinagar when travelling by road (National Highway NH 44). However, Udhampur also has many places of interest in and around the city to explore.

Named after Raja Udham Singh, Udhampur is a lush green area replete with eucalyptus forests. This city is the district capital of the Udhampur district. Udhampur is a city and a municipal council in Udhampur District in the Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Situated among lush green forests of Eucalyptus, it is the third-largest city of the Jammu region and the fifth-largest city in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.

Udhampur celebrates many festivals which are common to Northern India such a Lohri, Basant Panchami, Baisakhi among many others. Important Muslim festivals are also observed and celebrated here such as Id-ul-Fitr and Id-ul-Zoha along with Sikh religious festivals like Guru Govind Singh’s birthday. Udhampur is in the Pahari heartland and thus Pahari as well as Dogri song and dance folk traditions are quite common here. Surma Fumenie and Kudd are dance rituals performed in groups during special occasions such as marriages or cultural events. Ramnagar, which is within the Udhampur district and not too far away from the city is also famous for its cuisine such as the dish of Kalaadi, Kulthein di Dal, which is prepared from locally grown legumes, Ambal and many other Dogri dishes.

The Kiramchi temples located on the Udhampur-Jammu highway are a particular attraction in Udhampur along with other temples in the region such as the Chountra Devi, Babore Temples, Pingla Devi, and places of heritage such as Ramnagar Fort, Sheesh Mahal, and many others. Udhampur, much like the surrounding areas of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir has a rich history going back thousands of years. This area has been mentioned in ancient texts of India as Kashmir always played an important role in the cultural context of India. It is said that Sage Kashyap had drained a lake in this area and created Kashmir of which Jammu became a separate part much later.

Indian kings ruled this area until the arrival of the Sultanates from the west around 13 to 14th century B.C. From then on, Kashmir remained a part of many cities and princely states including the ones ruled by the Mughals, Afghans while ultimately becoming a part of the princely state of Kashmir which acceded to India. After the partition of India and the formation of Pakistan, this region has been hotly contested which resulted in Udhampur and many other cities becoming important military bases for defending the country.

The primary language spoken within this area is Dogri. Dogri was originally written using the Dogri script which is very close to the Takri Script. The language is now more commonly written in Devanagri in India.Along with Dogri, Pahari is another language that is sometimes spoken here. Both these languages are known for the sweetness of their tone. Many Gujjar families had settled here earlier and thus Gojri is another language which can be heard here.Hindi is also commonly spoken in Udhampur.

Imagery of Udhampur Airbase
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Overview of South Asia with India in the center

CIA Map of India

Tactical Pilotage Chart of Udhampur Airbase in relation to Northern India.

Tactical Pilotage Chart of Udhampur Airbase.

Ikonos Browse imagery of Airbase, as of 20 October, 2001

Udhampur Airbase

Udhampur Airbase

Udhampur Airbase

Udhampur Airbase

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