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INS Sujata

INS Sujata was a Sukanya class Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) of Indian Navy. The First Training Squadron under the Southern Naval Command comprises ships ‘Shardul’ (originally an amphibious ship), the aged ‘INS Tir’ which recently underwent an extensive refit, ‘INS Sujata’ (built as a patrol vessel), Coast Guard ship ‘Sarathi’, and sail training ships ‘Tarangini’ and ‘Sudarshini’. It takes care of sea training of cadets.

Ministry of Defence (Ministry) accorded Approval in Principle (AIP) (November 2008) for conversion of Indian Naval Ship (INS) Sujata, commissioned in November 1993, as Cadet Training Ship (CTS) during its Medium Refit (MR). The MR was to be offloaded to a suitable Public Sector Undertaking (PSU)/Commercial Ship Repair Yard on Limited Tender Enquiry basis, at an estimated cost of `80.22 crore for a duration of 12 months, with effect from March 2009. The Request for Proposal (RFP) for undertaking the work of MR-cum-CTS conversion was issued by Naval Ship Repair Yard (NSRY), Kochi (K) to seven firms (November 2008) including M/s ABG Shipyard Limited, Mumbai.

In response to RFP, quotes were received (February 2009) from M/s HSL, M/s CSL and M/s Western India Shipyard Ltd (WISL), to whom RFP was not issued. M/s ABG, to whom RFP was issued, in its letter (February 2009), requested Navy to forward all correspondence related to refit to M/s WISL, who would undertake the required activities on their behalf. The quote of M/s WISL was accepted by Ministry with the understanding that M/s WISL was a part of M/s ABG as a merged entity. The Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) found (February 2009) all the three shipyards (including M/s WISL) technically competent for undertaking the MR and CTS conversion of INS Sujata.

The commercial bids were opened by the Tender Opening Committee (TOC) (April 2009) and the quote of M/s WISL at `55.71 crore was found to be the lowest followed by the quote of M/s HSL at `55.85 crore. Thereafter, Contract Negotiation Committee (CNC), in its meeting (July 2009) sought clarification as to whether M/s WISL was a division of M/s ABG or a separate shipyard. Navy, after obtaining clarification from M/s ABG (July 2009) intimated (October 2009) that the merger was subjudice before Bombay High Court. CNC recommended (October 2009) that the case for offloading the refit of INS Sujata be retendered from RFP stage.

RFP was re-issued to the same seven shipyards in January 2010 and the quotes were received from three firms viz., M/s HSL, M/s CSL and M/s ABG. The price quoted by the firms were evaluated by CNC in June 2010 and the price of `77.26 crore quoted by M/s ABG was found to be the lowest. During negotiations, the firm offered (July 2010) discount and quoted a final price of `73.85 crore. CNC recommended (July 2010) conclusion of contract with M/s ABG at a cost of `73.85 crore, which was approved by the Competent Financial Authority (September 2010). As per the contract concluded (October 2010) with M/s ABG, refit was scheduled to be completed by September 2011. However, it was finally completed in August 2012, after a delay of 325 days and incurring an expenditure of `76.51 crore including Growth of Work.

Instead of cancelling the procurement process after opening of commercial bids and re-tendering the case from RFP stage, Navy had the option of rejecting the bid of M/s WISL and concluding the contract with M/s HSL, who was the second lowest bidder at a quoted price of `55.85 crore, which was just `0.14 crore higher than M/s WISL. In reply to the audit observation (July 2014), Ministry replied (April 2015) that the quote of M/s WISL was accepted on the basis of the authorisation letter of M/s ABG and even if the bids had been submitted without authorisation, the same could not be rejected as per the provisions of Defence Procurement Manual-2009 (DPM), which provided for acceptance of unsolicited bids by technically compliant vendors.

NEWCON Survey Training Vessel (STV)

The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, announced 07 June 2018 that it intended to procure One Survey Training Vessel (STV) for the Indian Navy from Indian Shipyards. Primary Role is training of personnel in conduct of full scale coastal and deepwater hydrographic survey of ports and harbours, approaches and determination of navigational channels/ routes, surveys of maritime limits up to EEZ / extended continental shelf, as well as conduct of limited oceanographic surveys for defence applications.

Secondary Roles are to perform limited defence role in an emergency [suitable arrangements for installation of one 30 mm Naval Surface Gun (NSG) with Electro Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS) or as indicated by Indian Navy. The ship would have limited search and rescue capability; limited ocean research capability, and could be capable of performing as a hospital ship/casualty holding ship, with a limited role in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) operation.

The ship is to be built as per the rules and regulations of IHQ of MoD(N) approved Classification Societies with an expected life of 30 years. The notation for the vessel and QAP for shipbuilding including trials shall be finalized in consultation with IHQ of MoD(N). The classification society rules will be applied for parts not covered by Naval Specifications mentioned in this document.

The Propulsion System should consist of twin-shaft arrangement, each shaft driven by one Marine Engine driving a Fixed Pitch Propeller through a reversible reduction gearbox. Auxiliary Propulsion consisting of Stern Thrusters is to be provided to cater for prolonged slow speed operation of the vessel to avoid under loading of main diesel engines and enable better manoeuvrability. The ship is to be provided with active stabiliser system to ensure optimum utilisation of weapons, sensors, aviation facilities as well as operational and habitability criteria of the ship along with reduction of the heavy rolling of the ship.

The ship should be capable of operating one Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) or Naval Utility Helicopter (NUH). Retractable Hangar for the full stowage of the aircraft. Flight Deck should be capable of sustained operations of the helicopter of approx weight of six tons. Two Survey Motor Boats (SMBs) of approx length 11.0 m and two SMB are of approx. length 9.0 m. All four SMBs to be hoisted by a suitably located Centreline Crane with a provision of stowage on the deck. The crane should be telescopic/ retractable with a minimum outreach of 5m beyond the ship side. The Safe Working Load (SWL) of the centreline crane for lowering and hoisting of SMBs should be at least 10 tonnes at maximum outreach.

Two modern class rooms one with a capacity of 30 and the other with a capacity of 10 to train personnel would also serve as facilities for planning and execution of the hydrographic surveys. It should be equipped with a 52” LED (or later generation) display capable of interfacing with laptop/ PC for briefings and presentation. In addition, it should include state-of-the-art training gadgets such as smart boards, projection system, recordable Public Address (PA) system and training LAN. The class rooms should have mini lockers and coffee/ tea vending machines to cater for 40 trainees.

Role Training of personnel in conduct of full scale coastal and deep-water hydrographic survey of ports and harbours, approaches and determination of navigational channels/ routes, surveys of maritime limits up to EEZ / extended continental shelf
Crew 18 officers and 210 sailors
Length New design
Beam New design
Draught Not more than 4.50 m (at Standard Displacement)
Tonnage 2700 tons (± 10%)
Propulsion Two diesels with independent shafts
Max Speed NLT 16 knots (at 85% MCR)
Sustained Speed 14 knots
Eco Speed 12 knots
Mission duration 60 days
Endurance at 12 Knots 6500 nm
ASW Demolition Stores
CIWS One 30 mm Naval Surface Gun (NSG) with Electro Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS)
Radar Two ‘I’ band COTS navigation radars
IFF IFF Mk XII (S) Transponder
Data Link LINK II MOD III or an upgraded version
Aviation Capable of operating one Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH)/ Naval Utility Helicopter (NUH) (with retractable Hangar)

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