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155mm ShKH Zuzana

Tactical and technical data for 155 mm Self Propelled Gun Howitzer ZUZANA

Provided that all operational requirements are met, the assembled 155 mm SpGH will provide the reliable operation in the following conditions:
- within the temperature limits from -30oC up to +50oC
- at the relative humidity of 98% at 25oC
- at the precipitation intensity of 300 mm.h-1
- at the dust (sand) weight concentration of 2 g.m-3
- at the vehicle inclination up to 5 deg. At any direction


Calibre: 155 mm
Length: 45 calibres

Type: M107, ERFB-BT, ERFB-BB
Shell mass - with generator (ERFB-BB): 48.0 kg
- with no generator (ERFB-BT): 45,5 kg
- M107: 43,1 kg
Powder charge mass (maximum): 17,5 kg

Shell muzzle velocity (with maximum charge) at 15C/50C: 890/930 mps
Maximum all-burnt pressure (with maximum charge) at 15C/50C: 330/380 MPa
All-burnt pressure at the muzzle at -30C: 93 MPa
Path of projectile: 5,946 mm
Range of fire:
- Maximum range of fire for M107/ERFB-BT/ERFB-BB 17,5/30,7/39,0 km
- Maximum range of fire (elevation 70, charge no. 4M4A2, shell ERFB-BT): 5,3 km
Power at the muzzle at +50C: 20,5 MJ
Charge compartment capacity with ERFB-BT: 23,64 dm3
Barrel bore cross section: 19,240 mm2


Chassis type: TATRA 815 VP31 29 275 8x8.1R-T with rear-mounted engine and maximum power output of 1330 Nm

Engine type: TATRA 3-930.52 supercharged, Diesel, four-stroke, multi-fuel, 12-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection

Engine lubrication system: Forced lubrication by gear pumps with oil tank on the engine
Engine cooling system: Air cooling
Mean outer turning circle diameter: 26,0 m

- Number of axles: 4
- Wheel base: 1,650/3, 070/1,450 mm
- Ground clearance: 400 mm

Type and dimensions: 15-21 MP914 (T04)
Number of wheels: 8
Wheel track: 2,044/1,984 mm

Range of inflation in course of running for 40 shells carried: 150 through 525 kPa

Operational pressure of the air system: 710 through 760 kPa

Maximum travel speed on asphalt or concrete ground
At the overpressure in tyres of 525 kPa: 80 kmph

Basic fuel consumption: 65 litres per 100 km

Distance covered at basic fuel consumption (range of action): 750 km

Climbing ability: 58% (30) maximum

Maximum fording depth (incl. fording wave): 1,4 m

Trench crossing ability: 2 m

Fuel type: Diesel oil acc.to STN 65 6506

Power supplying system:
The device is fed from power sources of the T 815 chassis.

Supplying voltage: 27 V +10%/-20%

Turret cabins: armoured with overpressure, air-conditioned

Firing height: 2,406 mm

Recoil length, maximum: 1,170 mm

- Maximum elevation with 40 pcs of ammo and supporting blocks shifted out: 70
- Minimum elevation (depression) with 40 pcs of ammo and supporting blocks shifted out: -330
- Azimuth: 60

Motor-assisted laying speed:
- Maximum rate of elevation: 64 mils per second
- Maximum rate of traverse: 85 mils per second
- Minimum rate of elevation: 4 mils per second
- Minimum rate of traverse: 4 mils per second

Loading: automatic mode by means of loading device and manual mode

Rate of fire:
- in automatic mode: 5 to 6 round in the 1st minute, 30 rounds in 6 minutes
- in manual mode: 1 round in 2 minutes

Number of shells carried: 40

Crew incl. driver: 4 crewmen

General dimensions:
- Maximum length: 12,970 mm
- Maximum height up to the turret ceiling: 3,010 mm
- Maximum height, incl. the machine-gun *): 3,530 mm
- Maximum width: 3,200 mm
*) Applicable for version supplied the Slovak Army

- Barrel assy: 2,860 kg
- Elevation masses: 3,850 kg
- Traverse masses (incl. accessories and armament): 12,250 kg
- Chassis (incl. fuel, fluids, armament and accessories): 16,350 kg
- Total weight of 155 mm SpGH (incl. fuel, fluids, armament and accessories and 40 pcs of shells carried, without crewmen): 29,000 kg

Crew 4
Combat weight 28,600 kg
Maximum length 12.97 m
Maximum height M.G. top part 3.53 m
Maximum width 3.015 m


Gun 155 mm 45 calibres
Maximum range of fire (elevation of 45) 39 km
Minimum range of fire 5.3 km
Ammunition carried on the vehicle 40 pieces
Azimuth 60 deg


Maximum elevation with supporting
blocks extended 70deg
Rate of fire in automatic loading mode 5 to 6 round in the 1st minute,
30 rounds in 6 minutes
Rate of fire at manual loading mode  1 round in 2 minutes


Type TATRA 815 VP 31 29 265 8x8
1R with rear-mounted engine
Maximum speed 80 kmph
Distance covered at basic fuel consumption (range of action) 750 km
Climbing ability 58% (30)
Maximum fording depth 1.4 m
Trench crossability  2 m
Engine TATRA 3-930.52, supercharged, Diesel,
four-stroke, multi-fuel, 12-cylinder engine
with direct fuel injection
Maximum engine power output 265 kW
Fuel tank capacity 460 litres


VHF radiostation FR 13
Intercom RACAL


Upon customers requests
1 pc of machine-gun NSV 12.7
Camouflaging net

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