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Vickers Main Battle Tank

Technical data:   Mk3
Manufacturer:   Vickers
Crew:   4
Combat weight:   38.7 t
Unloaded weight:   36.9 t
Achievement/weight:   18.6 PS/t
Ground pressure:   0.79 kg/cm2
Length: with cannon forward: 9.78 m
Chassis: 7.56 m
Width:   3.16 m
Height:   2.47 m (tower), 3.09 m (over everything)
Fire height:  
Clearance:   43 cm
Track width:   2.53 m
Chain width:   52 cm
Trace length:   4.28 m
max. Speed, road:   50 km/h
max. Speed, area:  
Level of fuel in the tank:   1,000 l
Range road:   600 km
Range area:  
Wading depth:   1.14 m
Max. upward gradient:   60%
Max. bank:   30%
Obstacle height:   91 cm
Ditch width:   2.43 m
Turning circle:  
Engine:   720 HP 12-Zylinder-Diesel, general of engine 12v-71t
Transmission:   6/2, TN12
Suspension:   Torsion bar
Main armament:   Model: L7A1
Caliber: 105 mm
Cannon elevator arranging range:   -10° to +20°
Secondary armament:   Coaxial weapon: 7.62 mm mg
Fla mg: 7.62 mm
Ammunition:   50x 105 mm, 3.000x 7.62 mm, 600x 12.7 mm for e-measuring-mg
Fire control system: Commander: Periscope with night channel (x1, x10, x4 night)
Gunner: Goal periscope with LEM SLR L20 (x1, x10)
Turmdrehgeschw.:   32°/s
Armoring:   Front 80/60mm, sides in front 40mm, sides in the back 30mm, tub above 25mm, tub down 17mm, tail 20mm, tower front 80mm, tower sides 40-60mm, tower tail 40mm, tower roof 25mm

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