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Type 31e Export Frigate - Specifications

Length Overall = 120m
Beam11 m
Draft= ~6m for maximum access to ports and harbours
Design Life10 – 15 years subject to procurement and export strategies
Operating Environment
  • Global and up to Sea State 9, excluding full winterisation and polar structure .
  • Full performance: Seawater 0 to +32 deg C, Air -9 to + 45 deg C dry bulb and + 30 deg (wet bulb)
  • Remain safe and declare performance: Seawater -2 to + 40 deg C, Air +45 to +51 deg C (dry bulb) and exceeding +30 deg C (wet bulb).
  • Weapons and Countermeasures ~360 degree coverage including stern arcs Multiple overlapping channels of fire
  • 1 x Medium Calibre Gun = 57mm and interoperable munitions with Allies.
  • ~ 2 x Small Calibre Guns 20mm/30mm
  • ~ 6 x 50 cal Machine Guns
  • ~ 2 x Miniguns
  • Point Defence Missile System (PDMS) + Sensors or Close in Weapon System + FTR PDMS to survive attacks as expected in constabulary operations.
  • Pass visual datum or 3rd party datum to organic helicopter for VECTAC/INFOTAC.
  • Above water RF/IR decoys and confusion.
  • FTR Surface Ship Torpedo Defence
  • Anti-Ship Missiles - Not fitted – see Adaptability
  • Active Radar Surveillance360 degree military surface and air surveillance radar with proven integration to anti-air missile system if fitted
    Passive Radar Surveillance Radar ESM with bearing accuracy to support localisation and above water countermeasures
    Active Sonar Surveillance FTR hull mounted sonar
    Compile Tactical Picture = ~ 1000s of tracks in a single fused picture using organic and 3rd party data
    Communicate ExternallyComprehensive external communications, fully interoperable with allies using: MF, HF, VHF, UHF, UHF satellite, S/EHF satellite + Bowman/Morpheus
    Mission EnduranceVictuals for circa 28 days, emergency victuals 14 days
    Fuel Range and Endurance = 6,500 nm at economical speeds
    Speed = 24 kts
    Compatibility with International Inland WaterwaysCertified for Suez, Panama and Kiel canals
    Emergency Relief Stores Embark and store ‘Small’ ERS kit (21 NATO pallets + 9 x 5m lengths of shoring wood). (Stowage does not have to be palletised).
  • 2 x 7.5m RHIB compliant with SOLAS LSA code for marshalling and safety boats.
  • Launch and recovery up to Sea State 6.
  • Secure, store, maintain, refuel, defuel, embark and disembark
  • HelicoptersWildcat HMA2 up to Sea State 6.
  • Flight deck space for larger and inorganic helicopters. Option for UAVs.
  • Handle, secure, store (hangar), maintain, refuel, defuel Wildcat HMA2 + Rotary Wing UAV or 10 ton Helo (e.g. NH90).
  • Arm/disarm organic helo with FASGW(H), FASGW(L), Stingray, Depth Charges, GPMG/50 Cal
  • Signatures
  • Pragmatic non-acoustic and acoustic signature reduction features and management systems.
  • Stealthy / self noise limiting speed to allow active sonar usage where fitted. Not optimised for URN
  • Vulnerability Reduction
  • Ballistic (people), fragmentation (people and magazines) and blast protection.
  • Shock and whipping protection against non-contact underwater explosions – focussed on propulsion and essential systems.
  • CBRN Protection CBRN ‘Sanctuary’ – one shot cleansing station with single citadel over limited key internal spaces and excluding hangar and machinery spaces.
  • ~140 persons (core crew, task specific staff/augmentees, plus small growth margin)
  • Core crew of 80 to 100 + circa 24 augmentees (including flight).
  • Designed for mixed crewing.

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