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Type 333 Kulmbach

The Type 333 Kulmbach class is a class of five German Navy ships. Built as Type 343 Hameln class minesweepers, they were upgraded between 1999 and 2001 to minehunters using Seefuchs expendable drones to detonate detected naval mines.

Developed as a unit of the platform hull minesweepers and minehunters was slightly modified and adapted for the task and equipment. However, the approach to mine action has been completely changed. No longer the ignition system of the mine is important, but the shape and perceived positioning of the lead tank is now the determining factor.

As the "Frankenthal" class had the minehunter the "Kulmbach" class (MJ 333) via an underwater detection system (sonar) that locates mine-like objects and called through the use of compact mine hunting drone, "Sea Fox", identified.

The "Sea Fox" runs largely automatically to the mine and has a short-range sonar and a built-in video camera, with which the mine-like object can be identified accurately. The disposable drone "Sea Fox" has a built-in explosive charge, through this mine is being fought. So mines of all types and ignition mechanisms can be effectively combated. If necessary, also Minentaucher can be used to defuse mines, for example in the sewing of underwater installations and forgiven by a blast from the danger area.

In addition to the mine warfare units are also able to place a large number of mines and can be well integrated through their Lagedarstellungs- and locating means in the overall composite of the fleet. The boats belong to the Flotilla first. They are stationed in Kiel.

Kulmbach Class has an overall length of 54.4m, a width of 9.2m and a draft of 2.5m. The displacement of the vessel is 635t. The ship can accommodate a crew of 37, including four officers, 20 petty officers and 13 ratings.

length /
width /
depth 54.4 m / 9.2 m / 2.5 m
Load displacement 635 t
Speed 18 knots
Power 4480 kW (6092 PS)
  • 1x 27 mm Light Navy Gun
  • 2x 2 „Stinger“
  • Mine hunting drone "Sea Chase" ?
  • Equipment
  • Navigation radar
  • GPS-Navstar
  • Digital navigation data distribution
  • PALIS situation display and transmission system
  • M 20/2 fire control system
  • Crew37 Soldiers
    Pennant numberNameCall signLaid DownLaunchedcommissionedDe-commissioned
    M1091Kulmbach DRFUSeptember 1987June 1989 May 23, 1990
    M1095Überherrn DRFSDecember 1986August 1988 September 19, 1989 active 2015
    M1096Passau DRFKJuly 1988March 1990 December 18, 1990
    M1097Laboe DRFJMarch 1987September 1988 December 7, 1989
    M1099 Herten DRFPJune 1988December 1989 March 26, 1991 active 2015

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