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TULPAR is designed as a multi-purpose vehicle platform. Requirements have not been announced, but the Turkish Army is planning for lightweight, next-generation vehicles. TULPAR [Tulpar is a winged or swift horse in Turkic mythology corresponding to Pegasus] features outmatch ballistic and mine protection to support new generation main battle tanks in battlefield and to provide fire support for infantry. TULPAR [Tulpar is a winged or swift horse in Turkic mythology corresponding to Pegasus] offers a superior mobility in a wide range of challenging terrains and climatic conditions and also serves diverse operations including urban and peacekeeping missions. TULPAR offers all mission equipment required in battlefield as standard is the future of armored combat vehicle with its technical and tactical characteristics including transportability with A400M, modular protection structure, electronic infrastructure and low silhouette. Thanks to its large internal volume, high payload and flexible architecture, TULPAR has sufficient growth potential to meet the future protection needs and mission equipment.

The vehicle weighs 32t and measures 7.23m long and 3.45m wide. It also has a new MTU 8V199 turbo-charged diesel engine, producing 720hp, and Renk HSWL 106 hydromechanical transmission, which replaces the earlier Scania engine and Sapa mechanical transmission. It is fitted with the HA35-15000 indigenous designed final drive system from Otokar.

TULPAR is powered by a 720 HP, 16 liter, water cooled turbo charged V8 diesel engine. Engine is coupled with an automatic transmission which has 6 forward and 4 reverse gears. The torsion bar suspension consists of seven dual rubber-tire road wheels on each side. Suspension system is equipped with hydraulic dampers and has a capacity up to 45 tones. TULPAR can travel road speeds of over 70 km/h with a cruising range over 600 km. It can cross a vertical step of 0.8 m and a trench with a maximum width of 2,6 m. The vehicle is able to negotiate slope up to 60% and side slope to 40%.

TULPAR is equipped Multiband Multimode Software Defined Vehicular Radio, GPS/INS and Internal Communication system. Optionally, TULPAR can be equipped with battlefields management system comprimising Command, Control, Communication and Information (C3I) system.

TULPAR has modular armor which allows the vehicle to be easily upgraded for increased and tailored protection. TULPARs protection is supported with mine resistant welded structure, shock absorbing floor structure, shock absorbing seats and spall liners in the personnel cabin. TULPAR has signature management properties such as low silhouette and IR reflective paint. Situational Awareness System, sensors and communication equipment provide most convenient capabilities for crew. NBC Protection, Automatic Fire Suppression System are provided as standard equipment to protect the personnel. Auxiliary Power Unit is optional.

TULPAR is able to combat in all weather conditions, day and night thanks to MIZRAK remotely controlled turret. MIZRAK; with latest generation digital fire control is fitted to 30 mm dual-feed and automatic main gun and 7,62 mm co-axial machine gun. Turret provides sights both for Gunner and Commander and Hunter-Killer capability. Thermal/CCD Camera, integrated laser range finder and automatic target tracking featured sight systems are provided as standard for both Commander and Gunner.

Gross Vehicle Weight 32 tonnes (Growth potential up to 42 tonnes, depending on armor protection level)
Crew Capacity 3+9 (Driver, Commander, Gunner and Troops)
Length 7230 mm
Width 3450 mm
Height 1850 mm (top deck)
Ground Clearance 450 mm
  • MTU 8V199 Turbo Charged Diesel Engine
  • 16 liters, 8 Cylinders, Water Cooled
  • 530 kW (720 HP) @2300 rpm
  • RENK HSWL 106 Transmission
  • 6 forward, 4 reverse gear
  • Hydrostatic Steering Unit
  • Torque converter with automatic lock-up clutch
  • FINAL DRIVE HA35-15000, Otokar Indegenous design final drive
    SUSPENSION Torsion Bar, Hydraulic Damper, 45 ton Carrying Capasity
    TRACK SYSTEM Replaceable pads, automatic track tension system
  • 24V DC-570A Alternator
  • 6x12V-120Ah Maintenance Free Batteries
  • VISION Driver and Commander Periscopes
  • 30mm Dual Feed Automatic Cannon (210 ready rounds)
  • 7.62 mm Coaxial Machine gun (500 ready rounds)
  • High Performance and Latest Generation Digital Fire Control System
  • Electrical Gun/Turret Drive and Stabilization
  • Dual-axes independently stabilized Gunner and Commander sights equipped with
  • high performance Cooled Thermal Camera/CCD/LRF and utilized with automatic target tracking and Hunter-Killer features
  • 76 mm Smoke Grenade Launchers
    Power/Weight Ratio 22.4 HP/ton @ 32 tons
    Maximum Speed = 70 km/h
    Maximum Reverse Speed 40 km/h
    Cruising Range = 600 km
    Step Climbing 0.8 m
    Trench Crossing 2,6 m
    Side Slope 40%
    Gradeability 60%
  • Life Support System Combining CBRN Protection and Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing and Explosion Suppression System
  • Navigation & Positioning System
  • Driver Display Unit
  • Driver Front and Rear Thermal / Day Cameras
  • Automatic Track Tension System
  • Mine Resistant Crew Seats
  • Spall-liner
  • Radio and Intercommunication System
  • Mounting Interfaces For 2 Anti-tank Missiles and Equipments
  • Auxiliary Power Unit
  • Pre Heating System
  • Command, Control, Communication and Information (C3I)
  • Situational Awareness System
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • Armoured Anti-tank Vehicle (105 mm)
  • Armoured Mortar Vehicle (120 mm)
  • Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • Armoured Command Control Vehicle
  • Armoured Maintenance and Recovery Vehicle
  • Armoured Engineering Vehicle
  • Armoured Multiple Launch Rocket System
  • Armoured Ambulance
  • Armoured Air Defense Vehicle

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