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Tromp Class AAW Command Frigates

The Tromp class guided missile frigates were the first highly automated all gas turbine propelled vessels in the RNlN and were considered as one of the most advanced designs of the mid-seventees aera. The prominent radome accommodates a for that time state-of-the-art Signaal multi-target 3D radar for long range surveillance and tracking of air targets. The Tromp Class AAW Command Frigates were built to serve as flagships for the RNLN's ASW squadron. These venerable ships had been around since the mid 1970s and remained in service until 2003. Tromp, along with the British Type 42, were among the first guided missle ships built for the singular purpose of AAW.

The Tromp class frigate Tromp was decommissioned on 12 November 1999 after being used as a trial ship for the new SMART-L long-range radar system, and only one unit of the class, De Ruyter, remained in service. The Netherlands Navy decommissioned its flagship Hr Ms De Ruyter (F-806) on 03 October 2003 as the second unit of the De Zeven Provincien class (also De Ruyter) entered service. The De Zeven Provincien Class are to replace the two Tromps, plus the two remaining active Kortenaer Class.

The current RNLN's De Zeven Provincin class frigate HNLMS Tromp (an Air Defense and Command frigate) should not be mistaken with the former HNLMS Tromp (F801), which was a Tromp class frigate built in the 1970s. The guided missile Frigate HNLMS Tromp (F 801), a "Tromp"-class area-air-defense Frigate, was laid down on August 4, 1971 by the Royal Schelde in Vlissingen and commissioned in October 1975. In 2001, the ship was out of service and being replaced by the ADCF.


Displacement4300 t / 4308 full load
Length138.2 / 138.4 meters / 453 feet
Beam14.8 meters / 49 feet
Draft 4.6-6.5 meters / 22 feet
Speed28-30 kts
Range (nautical miles) 5000 at 18 kt
  • 2 x RR Tyne RM1A cruise gas turbines, 8,200 shp at 7.4 MW sustained
  • 2 x RR Olympus TM3B boost gas turbines, 44,000 shp at 37.9 MW sustained
  • 2 x shafts with CPP
  • Active roll stabilisation
  • Armament Missiles
  • 4 SSM Harpoon
  • 1 Mk 13 mod 4 launcher (40 SM-1MR) SAM Standard Missile SM-1MR,
  • 1 Mk 29 octuple 8-cell NSSM Sea Sparrow (16 missiles, manual reload)
  • 1 Bofors 120 mm/50 cal DP twin
  • 1 30 mm Goalkeeper Close-In Weapon System CIWS
  • 2 triple 20 mm/12.75 inch torpedo tubes
    Torpedos 2 x triple Mk32 launchers
    Mk 46 mod 5 torpedoes
    Countermeasures 2 x SRBOC launchers
    ESM / ECM
  • Combat data systems Signaal SEWACO I
    Links 10 and 11, Satcom, JMCIS
    Weapons control systems 2 x Raytheon SPG-51C
    Signaal WM25
    Sonar 26 x NH90 or 4 x Merlin / Sea King
    Helicopters1 x Westland SH-14B Lynx

    Name No.Builder Laid down Launch Commstricken
    Tromp F801Damen
    04 Aug 1971 02 Jun 1973 03 Oct 1975 12 Nov 1999
    De Ruyter F806Damen
    22 Dec 1971 09 Mar 1974 03 Jun 1976 03 Oct 2003

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