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155 Tracté model F1 Specifications

Canon biflèche with tube 155mm, 39 caliber.
Tractor part TRM10000.
Auxiliary motor for short trips.
Length attachment: 17,35 m
Length gun in position of road: 8,76 m
Mass tractor in load: 19 tons
Mass of gun: 10 tons
Speed on road: 80 km/h
AMMUNITION: explosive, illuminating, smoke, bomblets (grenades and anti-tank).
Can shoot all ammunition 155 (normal ammunition is OCC).
The sleeves are combustible.
Score goniometer.
Loading ramming the shell aves a stretcher, the sleeve manual.
Firing by squib.
Carriage 56 full strokes in the TRM10000 tractor which also has a crane system to facilitate the handling of ammunition.
PERFORMANCE: Range: 24km (explosive shells).
Range: 30km (extended range ammunition).
Minimum range: 2500m for a shot at 200m).
3 shots in 15 seconds.
6 rounds / 1 min.
Emplacing battery: < 5 min.
Crossing slopes of 60%, fords of 1.20 m.
Horizontal field of fire: 445m left, 675m right.
Vertical field of fire: 90m to 1170m.v Hydraulic score.
Carried maximum
  existing shell:
  shell with wide range:

OE 155 Mle F1 = 24 km
30 km (approximately)
Vertical field of fire: 90 m to 1170 m
Capacity of carrying of the tractor: 48 rounds of 155 mm - 24 on pallets - 24 in rack.
Initial speed in maximum loading: 830 m/s
Secondary Armament 12.7 machine gun mounted on circular.
  • 1 commander.
  • 1 charger.
  • 2 providers.
  • 2 bomb.
  • 1 tractor driver.

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