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TABC-79 [ABC 79M]

The TABC-79 armored personnel carrier was developed to meet requirements of Romanian army. The ABC 79 4x4 APC is a modified version of the TAB-77 8x8 armored personnel carrier, and uses a number of automotive components of the Romanian TAB-77 8x8 APC. The 9.2t vehicle has a length of 5.6m, width of 2.8m and height of 2.3m.

The TABC-79 was designed and built by ROMARM, which was known at the time as RATMIL. The ABC 79M 4x4 amphibious armored personnel carrier was previously known as TABC 79, and according to some sources, only the TAB-79. While usually classed as an armored personnel carrier, the Romanian designation of the TABC-79 is reconnaissance armored personnel carrier. Production of the TABC-79 was completed some years ago and it is no longer marketed by ROMARM. Romania is the only operator of the TABC-79.

The hull of all-welded steel construction provides protection from small arms fire of up to 20mm, as well as artillery shell splinters. The commander and driver sit at the front of the vehicle, with the driver on the left and the vehicle commander on the right. Both each have a single-piece hatch cover that opens forward, and four PF2 day periscopes to the front and sides for observation, and the commander has an AON1 infra-red searchlight that is mounted on the vehicle's roof which can be operated from inside the vehicle. A windscreen that can quickly be covered by an armored shutter when in a combat area is immediately to the front of the commander and driver.

The turret of the TABC-79 is the same as previously fitted on some Romanian armored vehicles, such as the Romanian TAB-71M (8 8) and TAB-77 (8 8) armoured personnel carriers as well as the full-tracked MLVM Mountaineers Combat Vehicle. The one-man manually operated turret is in the center of the roof and is armed with one 14.5 mm KPVT machine gun and one coaxial 7.62 mm PKT machine gun. Turret traverse and weapon elevation is manual.

The TABC-79 is powered by a rear-mounted 798.05N2 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 154 horsepower. The diesel engine compartment is located at the rear of the TABC-79 in the center, with the air inlet and outlet louvres in the roof and the exhaust pipe at the left rear. The Vehicle is fully amphibious without preparation. It is propelled on water by a single waterjet.

The vehicle has a crew of three and can carry 4 troops. There is a single door in either side at the rear that opens outwards, with the right door having firing port. Occupants enter and leave this APC through small triangle-shaped doors in each side of the hull, doors at the rear of the hull or a single roof hatch. The TABC-79 is completed with an NBC protection system as standard.

Vehicle typeArmored, wheeled, 4x4 formula, amphibious
Crew 7 members, including the driver and commander
Power-to-weight ratio 20 HP/t
Max. speed on road 95 Km/h
Max. gradient 32
Max. side slope 28
Fuel range 700 Km
Engine type Diesel Euro 3 type, min. 160 HP
Gear box Mechanical or automatically , with 5+1 speeds
Turret Two twin machine guns of 14.5mm and 7.62mm
  • Antitank Missile Launcher Installation /
  • Mortar of 81mm or 82mm /
  • Engineering Vehicle /
  • Chemical And Radiations Research Vehicle
  • Turret: Remote Control Weapon System
  • Variants
  • TAB-C, armored personnel carrier similar to the TABC-79;
  • TABC-79M, turetless armored personnel carrier;
  • TAB-79A PCOMA, artillery observation post vehicle;
  • TAB-79AR, 82-mm mortar carrier;
  • TAB RCH-84, radiological and chemical reconnaissance vehicle;
  • TCG-80, unidentified variant, possibly armored recovery vehicle;
  • AM 425, latest variant of the TAB-79 APC;
  • A95, surface-to-air missile system, based on the AM 425 chassis, equivalent to Soviet SA-9.

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