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The Saab 2000 AIRTRACER is an airborne SIGINT system for utilising data received by onboard ELINT and COMINT sensors. All information collected by the sensors can easily be administered via the mission system and be analysed in real time or at a later date - onboard the aircraft or back at base. AIRTRACER offers ELINT and COMINT in one platform. The advanced mission system provides geo-location of both signals in real time.

The Saab 2000 AIRTRACER utilises sensitive antenna systems using the latest receiver technology and selective processing techniques, which establish emitter location of radar and communications signals even in a dense electronic environment. The rapid detection and geo-location of signals combined with real-time analysis allows for quick action to be taken.

  • Integrated Communications Intelligence (COMINT) system
  • Integrated Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) system
  • Electronic Support Measures (ESM)
  • Self Protection System (SPS)
  • SATCOM and data link solutions

A typical mission would entail positioning at 100 NM, patrol for 8 hours, reposition 100 NM back to base, hold fuel for 15 minutes holding at 5,000 ft and alternate fuel for 100 NM diversion.

Max endurance > 9.5 hours
Max range > 2,000 NM
Time on station (at 100 NM) > 8.0 hours
Time to climb 20,000 ft 10 min
Max cruise speed 350 knots (TAS)
Patrol speed 160 knots (IAS)
Takeoff distance 1,350 m
Service ceiling 31,000 ft
assumptionsISA standard atmosphere, sea level airfield, nil wind.

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