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Romanian Army - Order of Battle - 1989 - Terse

1st Army
HQ Bucharest
4th Army
HQ Napoca
1st Mechanised Division 11th Mechanised Division
9th Mechanised Division 81st Mechanised Division
57th Tank Division6th Tank Division
4th Mountain Brigade1st Mountain Brigade
43th Tactical Missile Brigade37th Tactical Missile Brigade
3rd Army
HQ Craiova
2nd Army
HQ Buzau
2nd Mechanised Division10th Mechanised Division
18th Mechanised Division67th Mechanised Division
5th Mountain Brigade2nd Mountain Brigade
8th Artillery Brigade
17th Artillery Brigade
32 Tactical Missile Brigade

SOURCE: Romanian Army During the Cold War

In 1989 the ground forces numbered 140,000 men, of whom two-thirds were conscripted soldiers. The country was divided into Cluj, Bacau, and Bucharest military regions in the west, east, and south, respectively. In wartime the ground forces in each military region would become an army corps with their headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, and Bucharest. The ground forces consisted of eight Motorized Rifle Divisions (infantry), two Tank Divisions, four Mountain Brigades [infantry], and four Airborne Regiments. Motorized Rifle Divisions were organized along the Soviet model with three motorized rifle regiments, one tank regiment, and a full complement of 12,000 infantry soldiers. They were mechanized to a considerable extent, operating more than 3,000 BTR-50, BTR-60, TAB-72, and TAB-77 armored personnel carriers and more than 400 BRDM-1, BRDM-2, and TAB-C armored reconnaissance vehicles. Tank divisions had three tank regiments, one motorized rifle regiment, and 10,000 men. Tank divisions operated more than 800 T-54 and T-55, 350 M-77, and 30 T72 tanks.

The evidently oracular ANDREAS of Romanian Army During the Cold War is the pre-eminent source of ORBAT for the Romanian Army at the end of the Cold War. He offers two versions, one terse and the other verbose. Unfortunately, these two versions do agree in detail. The terse version represents 1st Army and 4th Army having parallel composition, while 2nd Army and 3rd Army both have two Mechanised Divisions and one Mountain Brigade, differing in that 3rd Army has a pair of Artillery Brigades and one Tactical Missile Brigade, all of which are absent from 2nd Army. The terse version reports the 9th Mechanised Division under 1st Army, while the verbose version reports 9th Mechanised Division under 2nd Army. The terse version reports a 37th Tactical Missile Brigade under 4th Army which is not reported in the verbose version.

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