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Bay Class LSD(A) Landing Ships Dock (Auxiliary)


Speed 18 knots.
Length overall 176.6m
Beam 26.4m
Beam, inc Mexeflotes 32.2 meters
Design Draft 5.8m
Displacement 16,160 tons
Range 8000 nautical miles at 15 knots.
Speed 18 knots (Maximum)
Crew 59 / Approx 60 RFA personnel
PropulsionDiesel electric with bow thruster adn azimuthing thrusters.
Dynamic positioning system to be fitted.
  • Transport 350 / 356 troops.
  • Transport about 1200 Linear metres of vehicles.
  • Carry 12 x 40 TEU or 24 x 24 TEU containers.
  • Fitted with a floodable dock sized to operate one LCU Mk 10.
  • Carry and operate two LCVP Mk 5.
  • Carry and operate two Mexeflotes (powered rafts Transported fixed to hull sides)
  • AircraftTwin spot flight deck with limited facilities to transport and operate Merlin, Chinook and V22 Osprey.
  • Wide, uncluttered assault routes to allow fully-kitted troops unhindered passage to points of offload.
  • NBCD citadel.
  • Two upper-deck cranes.
  • Military communications.
  • Fitted to receive military weapons.
  • World-wide operation.
  • Commercial standards to be used where possible. Registered with MCA as Class 1 Passenger Ship and classed by Lloyd's Register.

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