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EADS PZL "Warszawa-Okecie" S.A

PZL [Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze - Polish Aviation Works] is an abbreviation name used by three Polish aerospace manufacturers. Before 1939 it was one manufacturer Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze - State Aviation Works, based in Warsaw, Poland. Presently PZL Mielec is a Sikorsky Aircraft Company, PZL-Swidnik is an AgustaWestland company, and PZL "Warszawa-Okecie" ia an EADS Military company.

EADS PZL "Warszawa-Okecie" S.A is the oldest Polish aviation manufacturer. The first factory facilities were founded in Okecie District of Warsaw in 1928. In 1950 Tadeusz Soltyk [1909-2004] took up the position of Master Builder in the WSK-Okecie in Warsaw. The prominent industrialist Tadeusz Soltyk was born in Radom, where he attended school. After graduating from the Faculty of mechanical on the Warsaw Polytechnic started in 1935, the work of professional Public Air Facilities in Warsaw. Directly after the war, organized the Lotnicze Warsztaty Doswiadczalne in Ldz, where arise under his direction aircraft Szpak and Zak, then an advanced military training in design and akrobacyjny own story Junak. The last LWD Zuraw constructs were aircraft: liaison and 10-seat Commons, constructed only as prototypes. In 1957, the team was moved to the Centre Air Design WSK-Okecie. Continued here, the first Polish aircraft design, test-driven training aircraft TS-11 Iskra, strengthening the training of Polish military pilots. Over 450 units of Iskra were produced, and operated until the present.

Design of the TS-15 Fregata ["Frigate"] jet aircraft was established in the Design Bureau led by ING. Tadeusz Soltyk at the beginning of the 1960s. The constructor for the construction of the "Frigate" in the version of the compartment or carriage. However, the aircraft did not provoked greater interest and has not been realized, even in the form of a mock up.Construction: metal-engined low-wing completely. Wings with a strong taper, characteristic Rudlickiego tail would be. In the version of the compartment "Frigate" was to take 12 passengers in transport 1500 kg cargo. The crew had to be 2 persons. Jet engines for the propulsion of aircraft anticipated 2 SO-1, over 9.8 daN (1000 kG) each.

TS-15 Fregata TS-15 Fregata

A total of 22 aircraft models were designed and released for serial production. In all nearly 6000 aircraft left the premises of the factory and were sold to more than 30 countries. PZL-23 Karas, PZL-37 Los, PZL-104 Wilga, PZL-106 Kruk and PZL-130 Orlik were and are the main models. In 2001 the factory was sold by the Polish Government to EADS CASA (presently Airbus Military), who have 78% shares with 18% of shares belonging still to the Polish Government and 4% to the factory employees. As result, EADS PZL is one of the EADS companies, commited with the best standards and industrial processes of the biggest aeronautical company in Europe and all over the world.

Current activities comprise:

  • Aircraft manufacturing including overhauls and modernisation of its aircraft as the PZL-130 Orlik.
  • Design office
  • Aerostructures for C295/C235 aircraft (wings, doors and seats) and for A-320 (K-20 bulk cargo door frames), manufacture of electrical harnesses and aluminium sheet metal elements including surface treatments.
  • Services, also rendering agricultural aviation services through EADS PZL division located in south-eastern part of Poland, and design and technical services through EADS PZL personnel that work in conjunction with the Airbus Military enginners and technicians at Airbus Military and EADS PZL facilities. Such services cover Customer Support and ILS management, Technical Publications and Material Services, as well as provisioning of Special Tools and GSE, Training, Training devices and Technical Assistance Services, including their related disciplines.


1910May 21st. In less than a year since Bleriot had flown over the English Channel and aviation industry was still in its infant age all over the world, Warsaw Aviation Company AWIATA emerged at the Mokotw Field, Warsaw to support the development of aviation in the Polish Kingdom.
1911June 17th. A series of Farman - licensed plane named Aviatik entered production.
1918Central Aviation Works were founded as the first aircraft factory in independent Poland.
1921Construction of an aviation factory at Okecie.
1928Existing Central Aviation Works were modernised and transformed into the State Aviation Works (PZL).
1930PZL-23 Karas and PZL-37 Los (among others) manufactured. The first spraying system to protect forests was developed and fitted to Potez, Brguet and Farman.
1939- 1945PZL was used as the German maintenance and repair centre. An administration building and two workshop rooms was all that was left.
1946Central Aircraft Studies were formed to be the new starting point for the aircraft factory.
1948Central Aircraft Studies with set up workshops were named Transport Equipment Plant (WSK OKECIE) and assigned with production and overhaul of aircraft.
1951- 1960Junak 2 and Junak 3, CSS-13, TS-8 BIES, JAK-12M, TS-11 ISKRA as well as PZL-101 Gawron agro-aircraft were designed and manufactured at WSK Okecie.
1962April 24th. PZL-104 Wilga maiden flight.
1963PZL-104 Wilga production started. Up to now nearly 1000 A/cs were manufactured and sold all over the world.
1972WSK-Okecie started rendering agro services.
1979May 8th. Maiden flight of PZL-110 Koliber.
1981May 15th. Maiden flight of PZL-106 BR Kruk agro-aircraft with piston engine.
1985Sept. 18th. Maiden flight of PZL-106 BT-601 Kruk agro-aircraft with turbo-prop engine.
1989Jan. 12th. Maiden flight of PZL-130TM Orlik.
1989Sept. 22nd. WSK-Okecie was named PZL "Warszawa-Okecie"
1989Oct. 5th. Maiden flight of PZL-110 Koliber 150.
1992Aug. 21st. Maiden flight of PZL-130TB Orlik.
1995Jan. 2nd. PZL "Warszawa-Okecie" was transformed into as stock company owned by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Its name was changed to: PZL "Warszawa-Okecie" SA.
1995Sept. 14th. Maiden flight of PZL 111 Koliber 235A.
1996Aug. 20th. Maiden flight of PZL-104M WILGA 2000.
1998May 28th. Wilga 2000 wins "Poland Now" Award
1998Aug. 19th. Maiden flight of PZL-106 BT-34 Turbo Kruk with PT6A- 34AG 750 engine.
1998Sept. 5th. Orlik wins Defender Award and the ranked among the best Polish products at Kielce 98 VI Defender Show.
1999Sept. 11th. Maiden flight of PZL-104 MW Wilga 2000 Hydro on floats.
1999Dec. 3rd. ISO 9001.
2000Jan. 19th. JAR 21 G.
2000June 17th. Maiden flight of PZL-112 Koliber "JUNIOR"
2001April. PZL-104 M Wilga 2000 flies to North America.
2001July. PZL-104 M Wilga 2000 wins gold medal in Aviation Games and Championships in Navigational Flying in Spain.
2001Oct. 16th. CASA buys PZL "Warszawa-Okecie" SA
2001November 26th. European Medal for PZL-104M "Wilga 2000"
2003Start deliveries of components for EADS CASA
2004First "Section 11" delivery to Airbus
2005First two orders from MoD Poland for two upgrades of Orlik TC I into TC II.
2010ORLIK modernization contract for MoD

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