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PZL-Swidnik S.A.

PZL [Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze - Polish Aviation Works] is an abbreviation name used by three Polish aerospace manufacturers. Before 1939 it was one manufacturer Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze - State Aviation Works, based in Warsaw, Poland. Presently PZL Mielec is a Sikorsky Aircraft Company, PZL-Swidnik is an AgustaWestland company, and PZL "Warszawa-Okecie" ia an EADS Military company.

Since 29 January 2010 AgustaWestland company is the major shareholder of PZL-Swidnik S.A. PZL-Swidnik is Polands only helicopter manufacturer with the full capability to design, develop, manufacture and support its products in country. PZL-Swidnik with 3,500 employees is also the biggest aerospace manufacturer in Poland and one of the biggest employers in South East Poland. As well as producing helicopters, PZL-Swidnik is also a leading manufacturer of aircraft structures for many aerospace companies around the world.

PZL-Swidnik SA was established in 1951. In the years 1951-1954 there were manufactured control surfaces and wings for a jet fighter MIG-15. In 1954 the company profile was changed and licence production of SM-1 (MIL Mi-1) helicopter began. In the following years its modified version, SM-2 helicopter, was manufactured, bringing the total number of piston engined helicopters produced to close to 1800.

In 1964 the licence Mi-2 (2 turbine engines GTD-350 400KM or two GTD-350W 425KM, 9 seats, MTOW 3550kg) light twin-turbine helicopter production was commenced. Up till now a total of 5450 helicopters of this type have been made and sold. Based on Mi-2, a new helicopter, PZL-Kania (PZL Kitty Hawk), was designed. It is equipped with two Allison 250-C20B engines and KING/BENDIX radio-navigational equipment (2 x 250-C20B 426KM, 10 seats, MTOW 3550kg).

The main model of the helicopter manufactured in Swidnik is PZL-Sokol (PZL-Falcon) 2 x PZL 10W 900KM, 14 seats, MTOW 6400kg). This multipurpose helicopter is offered in the following versions: passenger, VIP, transport, cargo-lifter, police, medevac, EMS, SAR-mountain, SAR-sea, military. This helicopter was granted type certificates according to FAR-29 issued by the Polish, Russian, American, German and Spanish Aviation Authorities.

In 1994 Quality System according to ISO9001 was implemented. In 2000 the company was granted Quality System Certificate AQAP-110 (NATO standard) and Certificate of Recognition of the Company's Ability for Production and Design in Accordance with JAR 21 part G and JA. Thanks to its experience, environment-friendly modern technologies as well as the implemented quality assurance system conforming to ISO 9001, allowed PZL-SWIDNIK SA to enter into co-operation with the world-biggest companies, for example with AEROSPATIALE at the manufacture of the ATR-72 passenger aircraft.

For customers: Aerospatiale, Eurocopter, Agusta, Latecoere, Dassault, Ratier-Figeac, Snecma, Boeing PZL-Swidnik manufactures aviation elements: fuselages and its components, center wing boxes, door mechanisms, control surfaces, fire protection linings.

The factory offers also a wide range of production services which cover: machining, special surface treatments (for example: chromic acid anodizing of aluminium parts and structures), welded constructions, bonded parts, die forgings of non-ferrous metals, standarized and special bolts or screws. Apart helicopters, PZL-Swidnik SA is manufacturer of world class glider PW-5 Smyk" (the winner of World Class Glider Competition). In 2000 the offer has been extended about two-seater glider PW-6U (Vmax=260km/h). Both gliders are made entirely of composites.

In 1999 the PZL I-23 four seat full composite aircraft performed its first flight. This low wing aircraft with conventional empennage has single engine, four seats and retractable landing gear. In October 2000 the aircraft has been granted Polish type certificate according to FAR-23.

Nowadays certification program has been completed for a new single engine helicopter PZL SW-4 (250 C20-R/2(SP) 457KM, 5 seats, MTOW 1800kg). In November of 2002 the helicopter has been granted polish type certificate acc. to JAR-27. In the year 2003 serial production has been started. In 2004 we will deliver first units to the Customers. The above mentioned facts, along with a total of 7200 helicopters manufactured up till now, are the outcome of 50 years of helicopter manufacturing tradition in our factory.

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