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Kryl 155mm Mounted artillery howitzer

Huta Stalowa Wola is one of the largest manufacturers pie and artillery for the army. Before the vehicles will go to equip the army, they must pass several stages, from design, through construction of the prototype field trials also series-manufactured equipment.

The Polish army was to have received the self-propelled Kryl 155mm in 2017. It is a product of the Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) Company but is based on the ATMOS 2000, a product of Elbit Systems. The Kryl 155mm Howitzer is the product of the HSW Company, but is based on Elbit Systems' ATMOS 2000. The agreement between the companies of joint development and sharing of technology was signed in 2013. Due to the undeveloped procedures, “Kryl”, which had been operated and which has been shooting rounds for more than two years, cannot formally be accepted within the military test program. By 2017, the relevant documentation was being prepared. This made it possible to hope that in 2018, the series production would begin as planned.

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The first prototype of truck chassis for the Kryl artillery howitzer is underwent test and field trials in Poland. In the framework of the modernization of its armed forces, Poland has showed interest for new wheeled self-propelled howitzer, as the Kryl. The finalists were Nexter’s Caesar, and Elbit Systems’ ATMOS 2000. The Israeli firm won, and the resulting machine from Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) mounts a modified ATMOS on a 6×6 Jelcz-663 truck. The agreement between HSW Company and Elbit of joint development and sharing of technology was signed in 2013.

During MSPO 2014 in September 2014, HSW presented to an international audience for the first time a KRYL wheeled self-propelled howitzer with 155mm gun. The chassis was firstly shown in public in mid-July 2014(during the opening of a new military truck production line) but now HSW presented the entire vehicle – chassis with a gun. During MSPO 2014, it was confirmed that the first KRYLs will be delivered in 2017. One year before delivery KRYL will complete tests and trials.

A gun presented at MSPO 2014 was manufactured in Israel but production of series vehicles will be conducted in Poland (from 2016 when a HSW’s barrel production plant reaches its full production capabilities). HSW was initially under contract to deliver 24 Kryl self-propelled howitzers, with 1st delivery planned for 2015. The Polish Army plans to evntually buy about 170 Kryls. Poland wants to equip seven artillery squadrons with KRYL howitzers by 2025. These vehicles, along with the RAK vehicle-mounted 120mm mortars, will eventually replace Poland’s 250+ legacy 2S1 Gozdzik 122mm tracked SPH.

Huta Stalowa Wola SA started work on the project ultramodern automated command and fire control module for light howitzers "krill" on a wheeled chassis. HSW led consortium, which also includes: WB Electronics SA in Ozarów Mazowiecki, the Military Technical Academy in Warsaw, and the Military Communications Works No. 2 in Czernica SA. In January 2014, the members of the consortium met to establish a work schedule in detail divide tasks and discuss the principles of financing the various stages of action. The project will be implemented until 2017.

The "Automated system of command and fire control dywizjonowego module fire 155 mm light howitzers armato-codenamed krill" grant from the National Centre for Research and Development. Preparation of automated command and fire control for 155 mm light howitzers-armato "krill" on a wheeled chassis will enter armament equipment with the highest achievable standards that meet the requirements of NATO and significantly improve the conditions of the artillery. This system is designed to provide command and control fire in squadrons rocket artillery WR-40 "crawfish" and, in perspective, the squadrons carried out under the "LOBSTER".

The system will be used the results of the work on the proven and deployed for production and automated set of fire control used in the "REGINA" and "RAK", which will be modified to the needs of use in the structure of the squadron equipped with "krill" and rocket launchers "crawfish" and "LOBSTER".

The system will be used for computer aided command and fire control at all levels of command squadrons of the Army with equipment traction wheel. The system will include positions ranging from command and staff officer levels: squadron, battery, and platoons, ending in positions of commanders of the section, division and teams. The system will be implemented automatic exchange of data, which, combined with computer processing of orders and commands fire, will serve to minimize the response time of the fire.

The project is a continuation and extension conducted in HSW work on the development of technical documentation for the execution of a test batch of 155 mm self-propelled howitzers armato-Wheeled "krill", aimed to end in December 2015. A range of innovative solutions enable transporting the modules on the C-130 airplane.

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