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Transport Aircraft Modernization

The CASA C-295M is a typical military transport high-wing airplane with a loading ramp at the back. It can carry a maximum payload of 9250kg or after installing seats - seventy eight soldiers. The Polish Armed Forces have ordered ten CASA C-295M aircraft in total eight of which have been delivered to the 13th Air Transport Squadron in Cracow-Balice. The Polish CASA C-295M are equipped with the latest GPS stations, chaff launchers, and missile proximity warning modules.

The An-26 is a transport airplane developed at the Oleg Antonov Design Bureau, USSR. The prototype - a spin-off from the An-24 passenger plane project - conducted its first test-flight in 1969. The An-26 is a popular transport plane used by the Air Forces of: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Benin, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Guinea, Iraq, Croatia, Laos, Libya, Congo, Cuba, Mozambique, Germany, Peru, Poland, Madagascar, Romania, Somalia, Syria, Tanzania, Hungary, Zambia and Russia.The An-26 is capable o carrying approximately forty passengers or a payload of 5500 kg. The Polish Air Force currently uses five An-26 transport aircraft.

The first M-28 prototype was designed by PZL Mielec on the basis of the Soviet An-28. The prototype was fitted with two PT-6A engines and modernized BENDIX KING avionics. The test-flight was conducted in 1993. A brief tour around both American continents resulted in multiple orders for acquisition of the M-28 - which was later exported under the name Skytruck. The aircraft was equipped with central fuelling and emergency fuel jettison systems, a modernized ramp door, a side door with retractable stairs and a strengthened front undercarriage. Several aircraft were in service with the Navy Aviation Brigade and the Border Guard. Three M-28 are used at the 36th Special Air Transport Regiment in Warsaw.

The An-2 is the most ancient aircraft still in service in the Polish Air Force. Its prototype - codenamed Sch-1 - made its first flight in 1947. After positively passing field tests it was scheduled for mass production in 1948 under the codename An-2. The aircraft was capable of carrying a payload of 1320 kg. However, after fitting the machine with a more powerful 1000HP engine it could lift even 1500 kg. Over twenty versions of the An-2 have been developed. Depending on their role, they were fitted with different equipment and parts i.e. floats for maritime operations. The first An-2 aircraft appeared in Poland in 1951 and began their service with the transport-communication units.

The Yak-40 prototype made its maiden flight in October 1966. The first regular passenger flights were initiated in 1968. The constructor's idea was that the aircraft would be able to carry 20 passengers on a distance of 600 km but already during development the airplane was fitted with 24 seats. The passengers cabin could be converted into twenty seven - and thirty two seat versions. The luxury variants of the Yak-40 were able to take sixteen or twenty people or six VIPs. Both the civilian and the military versions of the Yak-40 came into service in Poland in 1973. Currently four aircraft are used by the 36th Special Air Transport regiment in Warsaw - as part the VIP transport fleet.

The Tu-154 is a medium range airliner developed at the Tupolew Design Bureau in the USSR. They have been used by various countries, including: the former USSR, Bulgaria, Cuba, Romania, Hungary, China, North Korea and Syria. The prototype made its test-flight in 1968 and the first airplanes came into service in 1972. The Polish Air Force possessed two Tu-154M Lux aircraft. They were in service at the 36th Special Air Transport Regiment in Warsaw as part of the VIP transport fleet. Each plane can carry up to 180 passengers and a crew consisting of four.

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