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Patria AMV - Variants

Patria AMVXP is available in three different models:

  1. Basic model provides the platform for following variants: armoured personnel carrier (APC), infantry fighting v-hicle (IFV), command vehicle, ambulance, reconnaissance vehicle, anti-tank guided missile vehicle (ATGM), armoured repair and recovery vehicle (ARRV), and finally, the 120 mm Patria Nemo mortar system.
  2. High Roof Model provides extra space at the rear of the vehicle (34 cm higher than the basic model), which is ideal if the vehicle is used as a command, C4I, ambulance or workshop vehicle.
  3. Heavy Weapon Platform has been optimised to carry large-calibre weapon systems such as the 120 mm AMOS mortar system or the 105/120 mm mobile cannons (MGS). Patria AMVxp Tank Destroyer being fitted with Leonardo’s HITFAC turret, armed with a 120 mm smoothbore gun. Leonardo has developed the successor of the HITFACT seen on the AMVXP, which is being provided to the Italian Army as part of the Centauro II mobile gun system.

Patria Nemo

Patria Nemo is an ideal member of mechanised fleets. As a lightweight and remote-controlled system, it completes Patria’s proven 120 mm mortar offering. In addition to 8x8-wheeled and tracked chassis, the turret can be mounted on lighter platforms, such as 6x6-wheeled vehicles and patrol vessels. Patria Nemo releases the full potential of modern mortar systems. Its applicability for land and sea, its operation on the move, and its ability to communicate with other Nemo units and Patria’s twin-barrel AMOS system, make it a long-awaited solution to the market’s need.

Patria Nemo is a compact and flexible mortar system for the needs of modern warfare and crisis management, which call for mobility, protection and accuracy. Designed by the industry’s top professional, Patria, the light system can be mounted on various platforms, enabling rapid fire support for different purposes. The new turreted, remote-controlled 120 mm mortar system consists of the weapon, loading device, turret, fire control system and ammunition storage, and is fully operational with a platform and ammunition. Its weapon technology is similar to that of AMOS, the twin-barrelled member of Patria’s mortar family.

Patria Nemo is suitable for many purposes. Thanks to its indirect and direct fire capability, as well as its Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) capabilities, it can also be used for self-defence and continuous firing. Impressive fire support and rapid response with high crew protection – all in one. Patria’s indirect fire system enables the highest possible readiness for battle and crisis management. Thanks to its network of sensors and situational awareness, Patria’s fire control system enables sensor-to-shooter operations. A forward observer system is used for identifying the target and acquiring a full view of the situation on the battlefield. The fire control system produces fire support plans and fire missions, which are transmitted along a tactical data network to the command and control systems. Fire support decisions are made at the fire direction centre, and the Nemo units execute the fire missions – right on target.

AMOS® (Advanced MOrtar System)

Patria Hägglunds Oy is a subsidiary of the Finnish Patria (50%) and the BAE Systems Hägglunds from Sweden (former name Land Systems Hägglunds). Patria Hägglunds is domiciled in Tampere, Finland. Patria Hägglunds has no production activities of its own. Patria Hägglunds owns product rights of the AMOS® (Advanced MOrtar System), the new generation 120mm mortar turret, which has been designed for installation on a wide variety of wheeled and tracked vehicles and also on fast combat boats. AMOS represents the latest know how in mortar systems.

AMOS®, "Advanced MOrtar System", is a double barreled breech-loading 120 mm mortar turret designed to be mounted on wheeled or tracked APC chassis and on fast combat boats. It is able to operate autonomously with impressive firepower, including direct and indirect fire capability together with Multible Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI), up to a range of 10 km. Due to turret mounting AMOS has a full 360-degree field of fire at elevations between -3 to +85 degrees. Thus, AMOS is capable of both direct fire for selfprotection and conventional indirect fire.

Ammo used in AMOS is conventional smooth bore mortar 120 mm fin-stabilised ammunition with a short stub case added. The turret armour and APC chassis provide protection for crew against infantry weapons fire, artillery shell fragments and NBC weapons. AMOS crew normally consists of four men: driver, commander, gunner and loader. Of these, commander and gunner are seated in the turret. Thanks to its electronic equipment AMOS is capable of fully independent operation, but traditional optomechanical aiming methods are retained as back up.

Patria AMVxp Tank Destroyer

Patria AMVxp Tank Destroyer being fitted with Leonardo’s HITFAC turret, armed with a 120 mm smoothbore gun. The vehicle has a crew of four, the driver in the hull and the remaining three, commander, gunner and provider, in the turret. Leonardo’s HITFACT® MkII 105-120 mm is a combat proven Low Recoil Force Large Caliber Turret for light wheeled vehicles and medium tanks. The HITFACT® MkII represents a new stage in the evolution of the combat proven HITFACT® family, the first Large Caliber Turret in the world equipped with an high pressure MBT gun installed on a 8×8 wheeled vehicle, exceeding the 500 units in service with Italian and foreign Armies.

The HITFACT® MkII has been modernized with the latest technologies available, in accordance with the future requirements of modern Armies all over the world and taking advantage of the lesson learned on the various operational theatres by the different Users, including the usage in extreme environmental conditions.

The combination of the HITFACT® MkII turret frame, made of high performance ballistic alloy, and the low recoil force gun allows the installation on board of light wheeled vehicles and medium tanks, providing the User with the same fire power of a Main Battle Tank with great accuracy, without impairing tactical and strategic mobility.

The ammunition for both the Main and Secondary Armaments are placed in the rear of the turret, in a dedicated space, ballistically separated from the crew compartment, in order to protect the operators from any possible event of deflagration. In addition the turret provides the Crew with enhanced safety against Mines and Improvised Explosive Devices by special solutions for the crew compartments including shock absorbers.

The HITFACT® MkII digital FCS includes stabilized Gunner and Commander electro optical sights (both with Day and Night IR thermal cameras and eye-safe laser rangefinder), the capability to operate the HITROLE® Light (if included in the configuration), allowing the crew to undertake battlefield surveillance from a protected position, the back up sight, the Meteo sensor and the Laser Warning.

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