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Otomat 2

Otomat (known as Teseo in the Italian Navy) is a long range anti-ship missile providing maritime superiority over extended sea waters against high value naval targets. The Otomat 2 over-the-horizon ship-to-ship missile has a range of 100-180 kilometers. Due to influences from the curvature of the earth, the detection systems on the attacking ship itself are limited to direct use within approximately 40 kilometers. Therefore, to operate and effect the over-the-horizon ship-to-ship missile, either a surface ship or a shipborne helicopter must take the forward position to act as a midway station to transmit pertinent data, relating target information, and flight information on the missile back to the attacking ship. The helicopter simultaneously transmits pertinent commands (such as guidance correction) from the firing ship or the mid-way point to the missile in flight, allowing the missile to hit the target with precision.

This family of long-range anti-ship missiles entered service in the early 1980s with the Otomat MK1 and the Otomat MK2. Since then more than 1,000 missiles have been delivered for use from ships and from coastal batteries. Today, about 100 ships operated by 11 navies worldwide are armed with Otomat missiles.

The capabilities of the missile design solutions provided by the Otomat continue to be highly effective in today’s warfare environment by providing a credible deterrence as well as a powerful tactical striking force. These capabilities include the missile’s long range trajectory, the power of its warhead, its turbojet propulsion system, its accurate navigation based on an INS/altimeter pack and a link upgrading system, together with its terminal active radar guidance.

Capable of ranges from 6 to 180 km in all directions, the system relies on powerful mission planning (3D way-points, terminal sea skimming profile, simultaneous attack from different directions). Target data is derived from the ship's Command System or taken directly from the ship's surface search radar. Mission Planning allows the selection of different firing modes (such as Fire and Forget or midcourse guided) and of specific trajectories and evasive manoeuvres. Cruise and approach phases may be either fully inertial or partially guided from the launch ship through a radio-link. Mid course re-vectoring from a co-operating ship or helicopter is also possible. The system is in service in 12 countries worldwide, with ships of different class from hydrofoils up to destroyers and aircraft carriers.


In order to update its inventory of Otomat missiles the Italian Navy has launched the development of Teseo MK2/A, an upgraded version of the missile. This development will further enhance the missile system’s capability to operate in littoral warfare environments and further increase its capability to penetrate target soft and hard kill defences.

The excellent capabilities of the new missile (short reaction time, Fire and Forget, INS/GPS navigation, high target selection, ECCM and anti-CIWS maneuvers, warhead lethality with no collateral damage) allow the system to operate effectively in littoral warfare environments, as well as in blue waters. The terminal attack phase is based upon an autonomous terminal guidance using an active homing head with improved target selection capabilities in complex scenarios. The development program included the upgrading of the missile’s electronics and active radar seeker and the incorporation of a GPS receiver for higher navigation accuracy and for use against coastal targets. Other enhancements involve the full integration of the launcher with the ship’s combat system as well as the provision of a Mission Planning module.

In May 2006, Teseo MK2/A was successfully test fired for the first time. This variant would be deployed on the Italian variant of the Franco-Italian FREMM frigate. Teseo MK2/A entered service with the Italian Navy in 2007. It is available on the export market as Otomat MK2 Block IV and has been purchased by export customers.

Weight 770 kg
Length 4.46 m
Diameter 0.40 m
Cruise Speed High subsonic
Effective Range In excess of 180 km
Payload 210 kg warhead; semi-piercing/HE explosive type
  • Impact fuze
  • Proximity fuze
  • Reaction time Less than 1 minute
    Flight profile Sea skimming
    SSKP >0.9

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